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SMRT Taxi 424A – Thanks for his kindness

12 Sept 2013   Koh Florence | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis

“On 12th Sept at 1:35pm, I try to flag taxi along st hilda sec school at tampines ave 4.Unfortunately, 2 comfort taxi passed by and didn’t stop. The reason is my girl is on wheelchair.
About 1:45pm, I flag SMRT taxi n this Malay uncle stopped. On the journey I thank him so kind to stop for us.
Why are taxis choosing passengers??
Very annoyed.

Mdm Koh Florence


Comfort Taxi SHC8678G – Excellent Service

12 Sept 2013   Hazel Lai | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

“I would like to send my compliments to this driver for his professional attitude, helpful and friendly service.The other night I was rushing to send my dog to the vet in the middle of the night and was raining heavily but this cab driver did not mind and was willing to board us.

Upon arriving, we worry that we couldn’t get another cab to go back as it was pouring heavily so we approached him whether we can contact him again if he still around this area. We worry that our dog cannot stand the coldness as he was weak and having breathing problems. Nevertheless he actually waited for us outside the clinic without charging us.

I strongly recommend this driver as one the best and friendliest taxi driver with strong sense of professionalism and attitude. Thanks to him as my dog did not suffer too much from the rain and really appreciated his thoughts. “


SMRT Taxis Shd6492h – Professional service by Smrt

11 Sept 2013   Mr wang | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis

“I try to book a taxi Through phone as I was carrying a small dog in a bag . I try calling comfort taxi but it wasted me 10 mins but no taxi available and it already happens two days continuously but in vain . So i try my luck and call smrt booking hotline and to my surprise was it took less than 10 mins for Smrt taxi to answer my booking ( for two days ) even though I had a small dog in bag . I’m truly great full for the service rendered by Smrt .
Keep it up Smrt
Yours sincerely
Wang “


Trans Cab 9808Y – LOST iPhone RETURNED

08 Sept 2013   Rey | Taxi Company: Trans Cab

“I would like to thank and commend the driver (forgot to get his name though) of Transcab with plate #9808Y on Sunday, Sep 8, 2013 @around 11:30am.

I rode this cab with a friend from OLPS church to our place in Bedok Reservoir Road. Upon reaching our place, i paid the cab bill and we alighted. 30mins later i relized that i don’t have my phone with me (it’s iPhone 5 64GB) so i panicked and asked my friend to call the cab. The driver did not pick up the call at once, and then we realized that it was on a silent mode (as we came from the church) and we were seated at the back of the car. Upon second call, he picked up and acknowledge that we forgot the phone on his cab. As he’s already on his change shift then, he asked us to wait for sometime as he’s already quite far from our place.
15 mins later, i saw him on our block and handed back my phone to me. I gave him some amount to pay for his trip to my place.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH Uncle! Really appreciate this gesture as losing one’s phone is really a nightmare due to contact nos and other info stored on the phone.

God bless you :)”


SMRT Taxis SHB1728Y – the service was exceptionally bad

08 Sept 2013   agnes | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis

We were going to hotel rendevous to attend a wedding boarded taxi at about 1155am at northbridge road. Driver did not know how to reach the destination. Suggested a few route but was lectured by the driver.


Comfort Taxi SH9240Y- Unsafe driving.

05 Sept 2013   Tan | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

“He sped at 140km on PIE. Thereafter ran pass a red light while I was in the cab. He was also rude and pointed middle finger to other drivers while scolding vulgarities.
This kind of unsafe behavior should be taken in to consideration by the company immediately! “


SMRT Taxis SHF147J- Honest & very kind cab driver called Ah Pang

04 Sept 2013   Lena Chong | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis

“Me and my boyfriend booked Ah Pang’s Cab to MBS on the 18th August evening. I accidentally dropped my handphone without realising it. When I did discover it missing later that evening, I desperately call the cab company but nothing was found.

When Ah Pang finally picked up, he told us the last customer found it ringing and gave it to him. He then told me to wait while he drove all the way from Siglap to deliver it back to me where he dropped us.

Thank you so much Ah Pang and the honest customer. You deserve a reward from your company and strengthened my belief in the goodness of mankind!”


CityCab SH859H- Common sense is very important

03 Sept 2013   Zulkifli Ismael | Taxi Company: CityCab

I booked a taxi so I could board it as soon as I got out of the building, also prevent me to have to walk to the road side to hail for one. When the taxi arrived, it parked outside of the main gate, although I did not request for him to park there. My point in posting this is to ask.What”s the use of booking and paying for a taxi if you have to walk to the side of the road. And to all the drivers, especially the one I boarded. Please follow the instructions given to you when you booked the taxi. It is not about the $3 fee, It’s about principle


Comfort Taxi SH9240Y- Unsafe driving.

02 Sept 2013   Tan | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

“He sped at 140km on PIE. Thereafter ran pass a red light while I was on cab. He was also rude and pointed middle finger to other drivers while scolding vulgarities.
This kind of unsafe behaviour should be taken in to consideration by the company immediately! “


Trans Cab SHD0061H- Warning – Trans Cab drivers often overcharge!

31 Aug 2013   Marcus | Taxi Company: Transcab

“This incident happened some time ago…..I did report it to Transcab and had many conversations with them. They admitted that their cab had overcharged and said they would refund me. However, in the end, they never made the refund despite many unanswered requests. I am posting this complaint in the hope that other passengers will be on their guard when they get on a Transcab. I was disappointed with the driver, but more so by Transcab’s uncaring attitude towards its customers.

The journey: I flagged down a Mercedes taxi on the road and had a pleasant enough journey. At the end, the driver charged me S$3.30 surcharge. I trusted him and paid. However, when I looked at the receipt in detail, the driver had charged me a “”current booking”” charge. Obviously he charged me too much as I did not make a booking and caught the car on the road. I later complained to Transcab.

Beware of Transcab taxis!”