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Trans Cab SHB7662M- Driver tried to overcharge

31 Aug 2013   Marcus | Taxi Company: Trans Cab

“Caught a taxi from Changi Airport to Tanjong Rhu this morning at 6:30am.
The Driver tried to charge me a surcharge of S$6.50 at the end. When I asked why, he looked embarassed and changed it to the normal surcharge of S$3.00. I am 100% certain that he did this on purpose and was hoping I would not notice.
This is very worrying, that some taxi drivers are trying to cheat their unsuspecting passengers. I strongly recommend Transcab to look into this matter.
By the way, this is the second time I have experienced this with a Transcab taxi. I would warn all passengers to be wary of this company’s taxis!


Smart Cab SHB5552K- Rude

31/08/2013   Ashley Ross | Taxi Company: Smart Cab

I flagged the taxi and as I open the door, he immediately tell me to hurry up, as my mom is walking towards the door he rudely rising his voice for us to hurry up. I informed him that my mom is about to reach and he mumbles about getting summon for stopping in the yellow line. I understand if he can’t stop for long, but can’t he wait for awhile for my mom as my mom is recovering from her knee surgery. Even after I told him that, he rudely brush me off saying he will get fine. He continually rudely making us feels like its gonna be our faults if he gets summons. I told him bill me if he gets it. After much exchanging words I told to shut his mouth and drive to my destination.


Trans Cab SHD9506 -No show

28 Aug 2013   Wong Min Qi | Taxi Company: Trans Cab

Cab no. 9506 confirmed my booking at 57 Hume Avenue through the Trans Cab app but did not show up at all. When I look at the Map (in the app), he/she was driving further and further away, which indicates he/she did not even intend to come. He/she did not even call to inform / cancel the booking as a notice. This is very unprofessional.



27 Aug 2013   Theresa | Taxi Company: Trans Cab

The driver was driving very slowly even though it was not traffic and was trying to eat money. He also shouted saying “PLEASE DO NOT NAG AGAIN” He also threatened to stop the cab and will leave me on the road to walk by myself. It was 8:31am and I was very late, and also my salary got deducted. And the driver said, “DEDUCT LOH. NOT MY PROBLEM.”


SHD2710E – Driver was rude and nasty

25 Aug 2013   Jude Fernandopulle
We stopped ( family of 4 with 3 baggage s) the taxi around 1pm 25 Aug 2013 along Kitchener road close to city square mall. We wanted to know whether the bags could be loaded in. Driver said he should check. But as it was impossible we said we will hire another taxi. Driver wanted us to pay 3.60$. If not paid, driver said he will call the police. As we were a family we did not want to go in 2 vehicles. Ultimately my wife and daughter got into this taxi. The taxi meter was charged not as the vehicle was stopped , but much later after the baggages were taken out. We have been very frequent visitors to Singapore, but this was the first time we experienced this sort of thing. The driver was Vincent Lim.

Comfort Taxi SHC295E – Very bad attitude driver

25 Aug 2013   Jude Fernandopulle | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

Me and my friend was waiting for a cab along woodlands ave 2 (opp Marsiling MRT) when this particular cab stop over. After we got on the cab and told him our destination, then he told us he was doing a shift change at Jurong and told us to get off the cab. Nothing was being displayed on the signboard that he was doing a shift change at Jurong. When he stopped over could have asked before we board the cab. This particular driver even have the cheek to ask us to file a complaint against him.


SMRT Taxis SHC4604X – Taxi driver acting hero!

23 Aug 2013   Suzie Lee| Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis

“Please note that this is not a ride complaint. This happened last Thurs at Binjai Park Caltex. Your driver was with me in the petrol kiosk that evening around 10.20pm. He was there earlier then me BUT was not in the Q as he went to buy 2 cans of coconut drink. He was 3rd in line of the Q. Before the 1st transection is complete, he placed his cans of drink on the table. I was 2nd in line. When it is my turn, the cashier picked up the cans and scanned without asking if the drinks are mine. Then I told the lady that these does not belong to me. Then I turned around and looked at your driver. He then shout across to tell the cashier that it belongs to him. Cashier has an attitude of her own and is now being dealt with from the company. What I cannot stand is, your driver added words to incurred more anger in me. He said that he was there 1st. I told him yes he was..BUT he was NOT in the Q. He gang up with the cashier to say that people like to complaint.. it really added more fire.. He has the guts to ask me to check the CCTV. And ”Thanks” to his advise I did. The Manager of the kiosk has watched the whole scene and has agreed that the driver should not have get himself involved and has added more anger to the customer. You may want to check with the Kiosk manager, her name is Alimah and you can watch the video too;)

My point here is that he should get himself involved and he should not have challenge me and thinking that he is a ‘hero”

Please kindly looked into this. Looking forward to your reply.

Suzie Lee


SMRT Taxis SHD6135P – My 1st complaint – Driver is totally rude & arrogant

22 Aug 2013   Kim | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis

“SHD6135P or SHD6153P (Maroon SMRT Cab)
Female Malay driver.
Boarded cab around 9.40pm from taxi stand along Yishun MRT.

She turned on the meter even before I boarded the cab.
I told her Yishun Ave 9, Blk 245.

She purposely slow down to get the traffic light turn red.
She’s supposed to turn left/keep left along Yishun Ave 5 but she went straight so I told her nicely and she managed to change lane and got behind a car.

The car in front of us is blocking us because the traffic light allow left turn but car in front totally not moving so I ask if she can horn/signal the driver?
Alright never mind she didn’t and she said I shouldn’t have ask this question.

Upon reaching along Avenue 9, I asked her to alight me near the bus stop or behind the bus (there’s a feeder bus 811 in front and the bus stop only cater to this one bus service)

This driver, instead of alighting me near the bus stop.. She stopped right in front of the temple. As I was carrying heavy items so I asked her to go in front abit and she challenged me asking if I wanted her to get summon?

I told her no taxi driver has ever alighted me this far and she started to raise her voice saying they want to get fined but not her. If I want her to move in front, I got to pay for the fine.

Since she’s talking to me in an almost shouting voice, I told her fine, I will pay if there’s a fine. Then she shouted, “”You pay now lah, pay now! If not don’t waste my time, I don’t get what’s your point now! I’m telling you the law of the supreme high court ok? Since you dunno I explain to you!!””

Seriously this auntie got attitude problem right from the start.
Towards the end, she’s shouting at me when I told her not to shout. I know she explaining the law to me but don’t think I don’t know after off peak hours, taxi can alight passengers along the bus lane (normal single and not red + yellow line) as long as they are not inside the yellow box/zone. Even if it’s so, she should have put it nicely instead of raising her voice and shouting at passenger.

I really felt humiliated by her.
This is my first time writing in a complaint because even after alighting she continued to scold me.
She is the one with serious attitude problem. I hope SMRT can give me a satisfied reply with this complaint.

I cab like twice a day and this is the first time I got really angry with a driver. I should just boycott SMRT cabs from now onwards.”


Trans Cab SHD5430T – Rude taxi driver of Trans Cab

22 Aug 2013   Taxi Company: Trans Cab

I also found one rude taxi driver of Transcab company-No.SHD5430T at Tampines Mall.
I just asked him whether you know shortcut go to my home or not.
But he replied me that “”then drive thru building, it will be faster””
Am I his friend for joking??? Of course I am not.
By that time, I was so angry because he was not my friend who can play with me. I am customer. BTW, I will not use this company anymore. Enough.


SMRT Taxis SHD5629D – Taxi driver don’t wish to go to destination

22 Aug 2013   Ben Ang| Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis

“Time is 9am 22nd Aug 2013.
I flagged for taxi (having 3 incoming), this taxi is at outer lane, she cut in and want to take my ride while I flagged for inner lane taxi.

But after I board in, I ask for destination Jurong Island.
She just say she do not go there. And I ask why, she answer she don’t want go that is it. No other reason given and chase me out.

This cause me to wasted on other taxi as they drive away. “