Uber Singapore (Merged with Grab)

The ride-hailing industry can be competitive, and with the exit of EasyTaxi from the Singapore market in 2015 after a couple of short years providing netizens with its mobile app services, the power struggle then shifted to the two biggest players in the Southeast Asian realm: Uber and Grab. Finally, in late 2018, Grab had announced its acquisition of Uber, making this the largest ever deal in the ride-hailing industry of Southeast Asia. 

With a slogan that denotes a merger between these two giants (‘Grab and Uber are Coming Together to Serve You Better), Grab has since taken over the Southeast Asian market in the attempt of becoming the number one online-to-offline mobile platform in the region. Grab has since extended its leadership and has taken over Uber’s operations and assets in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. 

Reports circulating that Uber would move its Asia-Pacific Headquarters out of Singapore and to Hong Kong has been put to an end in a recent announcement, where the company clarified that they will remain in Singapore until the end of 2022, tentatively.

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