GrabCar Premium

The Grab app is launched with the idea of facilitating a smoother ride-hailing experience, at a competitive rate that secures Grab a corner in the market that was previously dominated by taxis and private limousines. 

Featuring a multi-service tech platform that could cater to the needs of the modern man, including food delivery and cashless payment options, the Grab app also means you get to access transfer services that best suit your itinerary and traveling needs.

Ever dreamt of being chauffeured in a premium vehicle as you tour around one of the most fashionable and fast-paced countries in the world? GrabCar Premium is a product that uniquely touts a rider experience like no other; instead of your average sedan, you could show up in an Audi, or a BMW, or other renowned vehicle models, all of which are selected from a fleet of 4- to 6-seater premium vehicles. 

Navigate the streets of Singapore in a luxury car – at a fee that has been fine-tuned to the ride-hailing market! The base fare of a GrabCar Premium ride has been revised to S$7.50, which is only a few dollars more than that of an average GrabCar. Essentially, passengers would now be paying a bargain price for indulging in comfort.

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