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Singapore is one of the most progressive places in the world. It may have been referred to as the “little red dot” because of its land area, but its presence in the world today is a lot larger than how it appears on the map. It is certainly a bustling cosmopolitan city which provides a world-class living environment together with the city’s landscape being populated by high-rise buildings. It is one of the most interesting cities in the world, full of wonderful cultures and people. It will certainly give you a bright multicultural experience, making it a beautiful place to stay and settle in.

There are many people who find Singapore a wonderful place to live in. It is full of opportunities and exciting adventures. Even people from other countries pick Singapore as the number one city to move in. However, everybody knows that moving to a new place can be very stressful, tiring, and demanding. It entails packing of things, transferring furniture and appliances, taking the pets with you, and of course, dealing with new neighbors. Sometimes, just thinking about all the things you have to do to move out makes reconsider the thought. Fortunately, it does not work that way in Singapore.

Moving to Singapore can be a hassle-free activity. In this place, things tend to get done systematically and efficiently. For whatever reasons you have for moving, be it due to your new job or simply because you find the city a good place to raise your children, it will never be a difficult process.

Singapore provides different relocation services known as movers. All you have to do is to take care of the usual administrative and coordination details necessary for the transfer. Basically, if you are moving because of your job, the company you are connected with will assist you in engaging with different relocation companies or you can just simply choose one yourself.

Movers in Singapore take care of the relocation arrangements that are needed, including visa, immigration, real estate matters, and repatriation services. There are many relocation service companies in Singapore. Below are some of the top-rated firms:

Item Transfers

Maxi Cab / Van item transfer at S$65 per trip. Call Limousine Transport at +65 6535 3534.

Shalom Movers

Shalom Movers make it their number one priority to deliver efficient, reliable and hassle-free moving services at affordable prices. They provide customer-centric services based on the specific needs of their clients. You can call them at +65 62876117.

Citimap Transport Services

The transport service provider has been in the business for thirteen years. They have been providing services both locally and around the whole region, regardless if it is for residential or commercial assignments. They can be reached at +65 6754 2555.

Soon Seng

Soon Seng Transport Service has been in existence for 25 years already. The company has gradually expanded to serve and reach more clients and provide solutions to their relocation problems. You can contact them at +65 63684988.

These are just some of the leading movers in Singapore. You can now enjoy relocating and feel excited, instead of being stressed, on the next adventure you will have in the city.

Carton Box Singapore

Carton Box Supply is Singapore’s cheapest, easiest and most earth-friendly way to get boxes for packing, moving, shipping and storage. takes an innovative approach to providing low-cost, earth-friendly moving boxes.

We “rescue” truckloads of quality used boxes from large companies that might otherwise recycle them or simply throw them away. We bring the boxes back to one of our regional distribution centers where they are inspected and sorted by size and shape. Boxes that meet our strict requirements for quality, shape and strength are pre-packed (along with convenient accessories) into our low-cost, earth-friendly “stacks” and “kits”. We then “resell” those boxes to customers all across Singapore and Malaysia, via our website at

We offer free shipping on any residential order and guarantee delivery in 1-2 business days. As we like to say, “you don’t have cut down a tree to make a used cardboard box!

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