ComfortRIDE (Flat Rate)

ComfortDelGro has been a longtime player as far as the ride-hailing industry in Singapore is concerned. With its familiar logo and services, the company is ubiquitous in this first-class metropolis, and is known for its fleet of environmentally friendly taxis as well as its leading point-on-point taxi services, available 24/7. 

Catching up with the modern times, ComfortDelGro has launched an app to allow phone users to more conveniently book a ride. Featuring a 4-, 6- and 7-seater fleet, the ComfortDelGro app ensures that users have everything they need for a ride-hailing service right at their fingertips. 

For the 4-seater fleet, users can expect to be transferred to their destinations in Hyundai Sonatas, Hyundai i40s, Toyota Prius, Hyundai Ioniq and LimoCab Taxis. The 6-seater and 7-seater maxi cabs, on the other hand, seek to provide ample leg room and luggage space, but also to ensure that families and slightly larger traveling groups will not be weighed down by the weary thought of having to make multiple bookings for 4-seater vehicles. 

ComfortRIDE is a fixed-fare ride-hailing service available through the ComfortDelGro Taxi Booking App, and operates by connecting passengers to the nearest vehicle. A minimum fare of S$6 is charged for each ride, subject to prevailing ERP charges which will be added onto the total fare at the end of the trip. The pricing will also depend on the market demand and supply which varies according to peak hours and areas. 

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