Yellow-Top Taxis
Hotline: +65 6293 5545

Yellow-Top Taxis

24 Hrs Taxi Booking Hot-line: (+65) 6293 5545, 6293 5546, 6293 5547
Address: 1078 Serangoon Rd Singapore 328181
Website: nil

ComfortDelGro Yellow-Top Cab has ceased to exist in October 2007 and has been re-branded to Comfort Blue. The remainder 482 taxis are run by individual owners of their vehicles, collectively known as Yellow-Top taxis. These taxis are required to be replaced every eight years, or they may choose to have their licence acquired by Yellow-Top Cab and become a hirer of the taxi company. These taxis are expected to eventually cease to exist, however, as all new taxi drivers are required to hire their taxis from any of the Taxi Operator Licence (TOL) holders.

Yellow-Top taxis are a collective group of individually-owned taxis in Singapore. They have a yellow top and black body, hence their name. They make up only 505 taxis in total (about 5% of the taxi population in Singapore).

The current Yellow-Top taxis are driver owner taxis.

Approx. 1,090 cabs
Color: Black Body, Yellow Top

  • Nissan Cedric
  • Toyota Crown
  • Toyota LiteAce (5-seater van conversion)
  • Mercedes-Benz E220 CDI (Sovereign)
  • Volvo V70, natural gas
  • Fiat Croma JTD

Singapore Taxi Transport Association (STTA)

The Singapore Taxi Transport Association (short form STTA) is a union catering to those private taxi drivers. The Association mainly takes care of administrative matters, like the purchasing/selling of licenses et cetera. They also help drivers to purchase new vehicles.

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