Taxi Booking Apps in Singapore

All hail technology – and then hail a cab!

With a rapidly-growing consumer base that has thrived since the inception of public transport and green policies that aim to reduce traffic on the roads, these taxi booking apps usually market themselves as user-friendly, convenient and diverse in terms of services. Catering to the needs of the working class, the wanderlust-filled traveler and those who require an efficient transfer to anywhere in the first class metropolis of Singapore, these apps have become a staple in the life of the modern crowd.


Perhaps the most popular taxi booking app is Grab. With its iconic green logo and having first entered the market as a service modeled after the Uber enterprise – which later on was acquired by Grab itself in Southeast Asia – Grab has remained competitive even in the metropolitan climate that is Singapore. The app is user-friendly and maintains a platform for driver-rider communication after a booking has been made. 

The various services available under the Grab app also cater to specific and diverse needs of the consumer, ranging from food delivery to payment services (Grabpay). That said, the price for a ride via Grab would come in flat rates, but may vary in accordance to peak hours throughout the day, during which there may be a price surge. 


Also a formidable player in the taxi market in Singapore, Gojek is similar to Grab in that these two apps both provide multi-service tech platforms that provide user access to food delivery services, ride-hailing services as well as payment services. The ride-hailing service, GoCar, is the only available service under Gojek for now in Singapore. 


Considered an old-timer, ComfortDelGro offers users the option of booking for a metered taxi or a ride that comes with a fixed rate. With the former, the company boasts various vehicle models that cater to different experiences and comfort, with varying base rates. The latter, known as ComfortRIDE, comes with a minimum fare of RM6 and the service is only available for a confirmed booking on the ComfortDelGro taxi booking app. 

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