Pets – or affectionately acknowledged as ‘furkids’ in urban speak – are the furry friends we wish we could take everywhere, with many deeming pets as family. That said, it is too often the case where pets are not allowed on public transport or private-hire vehicles – but understandably this is not without reason. However, this does put a frown on pet owners’ faces when they realize their beloved pooch or feline could not join them on a ride to someplace exciting.

Now, with GrabPet – a revolution for the ride-hailing industry as far as pet owners are concerned – furkids could hop into the vehicle and enjoy the ride, too! All GrabPet driver-partners are trained to handle different types of pets during the ride, to read the basic body language of pets and to ensure safety if a pet’s behaviour becomes an issue. Their training is conducted in-person by an experienced AVA-accredited trainer and a GrabPet driver only becomes qualified upon passing a pet-handling exam at the end of training. 

With that said, questions may arise as to how many pets are allowed per GrabPet ride and the number of passengers that follow. Grab’s official site has listed down the guidelines: up to 2 medium-sized pets are allowed for one GrabPet ride, with up to two passengers to ride with the pets. Should your pet be of a larger size (examples of breeds include the Golden Retriever and the Labrador as reference), then only one pet may be allowed for the ride. 

GrabPet fares are premium-inclusive and are thus more expensive when compared to the average variety of Grab services such as JustGrab or GrabCar, as it is a specialised, on-demand service. GrabPet rides come with added insurance for all pets onboard, as well as fur-friendly seat covers. If your pet accidentally soils the vehicle, you may be required to pay for any additional charges necessary to remedy the situation (such as cleaning fees). 

As per GrabPet policy, you can take any household pet (approved by the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore), except for birds. Your pet must also be treated against parasites and fleas and must be accompanied by an adult passenger. The following is a tabulated procedure for how your pet could comply with GrabPet rules: 

DogsLeashed or crated *AVA Schedule 2 Dog Breeds must be muzzled
Cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, mice, chinchillaCrated
FishIn a sealed bag or closed fish tank
Red-eared sliders (tortoise), land hermit, crabs, Green Tree Frogs, Malaysian Box TurtlesIn a closed container

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