Comfort Taxi SHC8678G – Excellent Service

12 Sept 2013   Hazel Lai | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

“I would like to send my compliments to this driver for his professional attitude, helpful and friendly service.The other night I was rushing to send my dog to the vet in the middle of the night and was raining heavily but this cab driver did not mind and was willing to board us.

Upon arriving, we worry that we couldn’t get another cab to go back as it was pouring heavily so we approached him whether we can contact him again if he still around this area. We worry that our dog cannot stand the coldness as he was weak and having breathing problems. Nevertheless he actually waited for us outside the clinic without charging us.

I strongly recommend this driver as one the best and friendliest taxi driver with strong sense of professionalism and attitude. Thanks to him as my dog did not suffer too much from the rain and really appreciated his thoughts. “

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