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Receiving a package can sometimes be an exciting event. A package can mean something to look forward to that is important and valuable. It can be a gift from your boyfriend for Valentine’s day; a blanket from your mom to keep you warm at night; a book you need for your studies; important documents that you need for visa applications; or your most awaited shoes that you have purchased online. Whatever the package is, receiving it in perfect condition is of utmost importance.

That is why most people would definitely look for delivery service providers that will assure them that the packages they send will reach the intended recipients in good condition. Apart from the services provided by delivery companies, people also search for those that offer affordable rates without sacrificing the quality and efficiency of service. You would also want the package to be delivered the soonest especially in Singapore, which is a very busy and bustling city.

Delivery service providers in Singapore are all over the city. Being aware of the different delivery service companies can be very helpful especially if you want to ensure that your recipient will receive your package in the same condition that you sent it. This will also make your life easier since you’d already know who to call in times of need.

Below are a few of the best delivery service providers in Singapore:

Wasan Transportation Enterprise

The delivery service company started their business in 2006. They have been providing impeccable delivery services to the local community of Singapore. The company is proud of their unbeatable professionalism as well as the high quality service. They are trusted by an extensive network of customers because of the quality of services they have been providing. You can contact them at 6653 7635.

A&A Removal & Delivery Services

They are your one-stop delivery solution. A&A Removal & Delivery Services ensures that your goods are delivered on time all the time. Delivery services are carried out effectively without compromising the service standards and customer satisfaction. Packages being delivered are handled with utmost care. If you wish to avail of their services, you may contact them at +65 63142242.

Caleb’s Van-ture

Caleb’s Van-ture is one of the most famous delivery service providers in Singapore. They are currently offering local delivery services in the city, providing the same day van delivery services for both pickups and deliveries of time-sensitive packages. They have the new state-of-the-art dispatch technology, which speeds up the delivery. They have well-trained drivers who will get your packages to the destination punctually and safely. They also offer routed, onboard and next day van delivery services. You may call them at +65 8321 2535.


iLogistics is famous for two kinds of delivery services: the biker services and van services. The biker service is a fast and reliable way for urgent documents to be delivered to recipients located at the other side of Singapore. There are no postages needed; all you have to do is to call them or login online through their website. The second is their van services. Cargos for delivery can fit in its van cargo compartment. This is a door-to-door delivery with affordable rates.

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