GrabHitch is a social carpooling service that matches you with a non-commercial driver going the same way. GrabHitch drivers are ordinary commuters who give fellow riders a lift to cover a portion of their petrol costs. Essentially taking the idea of hitch-hiking and incubating it within the confines of the Grab world, this service is a novelty in the market.

With that said, this carpooling service allows you to save up to 40% in fares, thus making it an incentivized green scheme where ride-hailing apps are concerned. Most GrabHitch drivers would only give a lift to one rider, but you could find yourself riding with other GrabHitch passengers. You can also communicate any pre-ride concerns to your driver via the in-app text message platform. As the driver will not be able to access your phone number, all communications will be in-app. 

Users are also encouraged to view the GrabHitch driver as a friend, and not as a service provider. ‘People skills’ and ‘friendly conversations’ are two pertinent concepts when hailing a ride – or rather, hitching a ride – via this service!

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