Premier Taxis (Silvercab)
Hotline: +65 6363 6888

Premier Taxis

Premier Taxis Pte Ltd (Silvercab Taxi) is a fully owned subsidiary of Premier Rent A Car Pte Ltd, a leading local car rental and leasing company.

Premier Taxis was incorporated in May 2003, and was awarded a taxi operator license in October 2003. They were one of three new taxi companies that were granted a taxi operator license following the Government’s announcement to deregulate the taxi industry in Singapore.

Premier Taxis operates a fleet of taxis under the name Silvercab. The first batch of 50 Silvercabs was launched on 1st March 2004 at The Garden Hotel.

Premier Taxis constantly expands their fleet to improve our coverage to serve taxi commuters better.

Premier Taxis is constantly looking for innovative ways to improve the level of transportation service in Singapore and to improve the level of service to their drivers.

24 Hrs Taxi Booking Hot-line: (+65) 6363 6888
Premier Customer Service Centre: (+65) 6476 3033
Fax: (+65) 6473 9339
Address: 14 Chang Charn Road, Singapore 159642
Office Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 8.30am – 6.00pm. Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed

Taxi company: Premier Taxis Pte Ltd
Holding company: Premier Rent A Car
Incorporated: 2004
Brand: SilverCab
Colour: Silver
Fleet: 2,436

Normal Taxis (Colour: Silver)

  • Silvercab Nissan Cedric (4-seater)
  • Silvercab Toyota Crown (4-seater)

Starting Meter Fare: S$3.00
Current Booking (Peak): S$3.50
Current Booking (Non-Peak): S$2.50
Advance Booking: S$5.00

Normal Taxis (Colour: Silver)

  • Silvercab KIA Magentis (4-seater)
  • Silvercab Toyota Wish (4-seater)

Starting Meter Fare: S$3.00
Current Booking (Peak): S$3.50
Current Booking (Non-Peak): S$2.50
Advance Booking: S$5.00

Limousine Taxis (Colour: Silver)

  • SilverArrow Skoda Superb (4-seater)
  • SilverStar Mercedes Benz E-220 (4-seater)
  • SilverLux MPV Kia Carnival (6-seater)

Starting Meter Fare: S$3.20
Current Booking (Peak): S$8.00
Current Booking (Non-Peak): S$8.00
Advance Booking: S$16.00

Company Mission Statement
Premier Taxis aims to offer the highest standard of taxi service to our customers by working closely with our drivers, who are our partners in delivering our taxi service, and our strategic partners to enhance our productivity.

Company Objectives
To generate the highest fare revenue per driver in the industry.
To work with our Hirers to deliver a high standard of customer service.
To work with our strategic partners to improve productivity and lower operating cost.
To offer a rewarding and productive working environment for our staff and drivers.
To generate an above industry average return on investment for our shareholders.

Silvercab Review

by Tan Yi Hui, The Straits Times

Silvercab (Premier Taxis)
2,300 cabs and 15 operators
Tel: 6363-6888

Call service: Out of four calls, twice I could not get through on the first attempt. Total time on hold for each failed call: about six minutes.

Calls that did get through took only about three minutes for the operator to confirm a cab. They were friendly and one even asked if I was headed to the same destination again.

Punctuality: Cabs arrived roughly on time, give or take three to four minutes. One driver called to assure me he was on his way.

Verdict: The drivers were all polite and observed proper road safety, although one did seem like he was in more of a hurry than I was. He weaved in and out of traffic, and was well aware of the short cuts.

Given that the call-through rate on first attempt was only 50 per cent, the desperate might despair. More than five minutes of elevator music culminating in a ‘please try again later’ can be unnerving when you need a cab in a hurry.

Rating: ***

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