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Why choose Prime Taxi?

At Prime Taxi, we are always striving for innovative ideas in the taxi industry! We are rolling out new fleet of petrol-driven cabs in the next few months. Call us to find out more.

Environmental Friendly – Prime Car Rental and Taxi Services aim to provide our Taxi Masters with the latest model of vehicles with enhanced safety feature for better comfort and safety. We are the first to lead in providing new car models such as the Toyota Estima and Toyota Camry. Twin Airbags, ABS are Standard features of all our Taxis.

Latest Models – We are the 1st Taxi Company to mass introduce CNG powered taxis. We hope to help the environment by reducing carbon footprint so that everybody can have cleaner air and better living environment. Our taxi masters and passengers will have a healthier ride each time.

Lowest Daily Rental – We believe in providing affordable rental fees for our Taxi Masters. With increasing costs in our everyday life, we want to make sure that the operational costs of our Taxi Masters are kept to a minimum and have a bigger take home income!

This is achieved by having the lowest rental fees and running on CNG.

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Toyota Allion � Petrol Driven
Daily Rental S$69
Bonus S$5000

Honda Freed � Petrol Driven
Daily Rental S$73.80
Bonus S$5000

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