Take the initiative to become part of a greener future and reduce your carbon footprint by booking a GrabShare ride via the Grab app! This affordable on-demand ridesharing service helps keep your wallet intact as you share a Grab ride with passengers going in the same direction as you. 

With the ‘Wait and Save’ option featured on GrabShare, it can take up to 3 minutes after booking your ride for the system to find you a driver so that passengers heading in the same direction as you can be located and an optimal route can be planned. 

The number of passengers and stops of each GrabShare ride is determined by the route planned and the current demand. An estimated time of arrival will be given before your booking, but it must be noted that GrabShare routes are automatically sequenced and optimised for all passengers – so compromising is a virtue and you cannot request to be dropped off first! Having said this, GrabShare ride destinations are not changeable once booking has been made – if you wish to change your destination, the booking must be cancelled (subject to cancellation fee after being allocated a driver) in order for you to make a new booking. 

GrabShare certainly is the modern way to not only integrate social responsibility into your life, and the prospect of making new friends along the way is an excellent incentive for making green choices to save the environment, without compromising on efficient transfers!

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