Wheelchair Transport in Singapore

London Cab

London Cab singapore wheelchair transport | London Cab fits larger-sized wheelchairs.

London Taxis offer wheelchair users point-to-point service in safety and comfort.

Tel: +65 6477 5988
Rates: S$50 per trip flat rate fee (requires 48 hrs advance booking).

Limo Maxi Wheelchair Transfers

Wheelchair Transfers

Limo Maxi offers a range of wheelchair accessible taxis for different wheelchair sizes.

Tel: +65 6589 8552
Rates: S$50 per trip flat rate fee (requires 3 hrs advance booking).

Wheelchair Minibus

Singapore Private Ambulance

Tel: +65 6254 3006
Rates: S$25 per trip flat rate fee

Handicaps Welfare Association has about 20 wheelchair buses that can take all types of wheelchairs. Priority is given to those going to school, work or for medical appointments. Operates from 9am to midnight.

Private Ambulance Service

Singapore Private Ambulance Service

Tel: +65 6333 3000
Rates: S$80 for a two-way trip during office hours, and up to S$150 for a two-way trip after office hours.

Civic Ambulance has four ambulances that can handle all types of wheelchairs. Two staff members will also carry the chairs up and down stairs.

Non-Emergency Ambulance Service

Singapore non Emergency Ambulance Service

Tel: 1777

When a case is a non-emergency, the SCDF EMS should not be used. Instead, medical advice can be sought from a family doctor, or a hospital, using your own transport or the public transport system. Alternatively, dial 1777 for a non-SCDF ambulance.

What is a Non-Emergency? – A non-emergency, on the other hand, does not end in death or serious complication if it is not treated immediately. These could include one of the following:

  • Toothache
  • Slight abdominal pain e.g. gastric
  • Slight fever, coughs and colds
  • Aches and pains which have been present for a long time
  • Minor bruises, slight cuts or broken skin
  • Slight burns or scalds
  • Mild vomiting, diarrhoea or constipation
  • Medical check-up or hospital follow-up

Emergency Ambulance Service (EAS)

Singapore Emergency Ambulance Service

Tel: 995

Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF) service manned by qualified paramedics trained to stabilize patients and take them to the nearest designated hospital. The SCDF does not charge for any emergency case it conveys to hospitals. The official average response time of an Ambulance Service is 30 minutes. Fast Response Paramedics – paramedics on bikes – are 4 to 5 minutes faster than ambulances.

In a non-emergency, dial 1777 for a non-SCDF ambulance or contact your family doctor. The SCDF charges $165 for each non-emergency case that it ferries to a hospital.

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