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SMRT Taxis SHB484L – offended by taxi driver

20 Aug 2013   David | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis

We just arrived from a long trip with my pregnant wife and two year old son. A SMRT van driver named Herman was our driver that took us home. My wife is seven months pregnant Nd my son is sleeping so, I asked him if he could help me put the luggage in the boot. He refused. I then asked if he could help us to put the seat up so that my son could sit with us. He refused I so, asked two more times until he assisted us. Unbelievable!


Premier Taxis SHB8873P – unprofessional taxi driver

20 Aug 2013   Taxi Company: Premier Taxis

“Driver was waiting along road side in international business park strategy building.

He gave hand signal that he is ok to take the passenger.

Passenger got in, sat down, close the door and inform of intended destination (Jurong Island).
Driver said he did not bring pass and thus unable to go to destination.

It is unbelievable that a taxi driver did not being any identify pass with him.

Can anything be done if a taxi driver refuse to pickup passengers?”



19 Aug 2013   Patrick | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

Can someone pls highlight to me where can i complain TAXI Driver on 19th Aug 4.36pm driving towards CTE from Jurong … This driver is FXXKING RECKLESS and keeps JAMMING BRAKES for no reason !!!! he also do road hogging and causes extreme DANGER to the public !!!


Trans Cab SHC7317E – sucks

19 Aug 2013   [email protected] | Taxi Company: Trans Cab

The driver is down right rude and has attitude problems.


CityCab SHA8549A – Tyrant Taxi Driver

19 Aug 2013   Andy Ong | Taxi Company: CityCab

It was 1430 19/8/13, i was trying to flag a cab. The first cab come and was only gg to Bukit Batok so i flag the second cab(SHA8549A), i saw the driving waving his hand and i assumed he is not picking up customer though he have his green sign on. So i flag for the third cab. When im going to board the 3rd cab, the 2nd cab actually horned at me. Then i realised i mistaken his intention of u turning instead of not picking. But since im already in the 3rd cab and the uncle have pressed the meter, i chose to board the 3rd cab. But the 2nd cab continue to chase after us for a street until the cab uncle stop and ask me to clarify with the 2nd driver. So i alighted and tell him the way he wave his hand have make me mistaken his intention. But he is rude and say that i have wasted his time and ask me to find spiders. The way he approach and handle this situation show how hooligan this driver is. Im a big man of course im not afraid to handle such situation nut what if this happened to a pregnant lady or elderly. I hope citycab will take this feedback serious and warning is to be issued.


Trans Cab SHD5375U – Incompetence taxi driver

17 Aug 2013   Andy lowhei | Taxi Company: Trans Cab
“To whom ever it may concern, On this date, 13/08/2013 08:40 I had the most disappointing experience with one of your cab driver of which license plate was stated under your requirement. He was the most rude, impolite, incompetent cab driver I’ve ever met. To start things off: It was a rainy Tuesday, I was having difficulty hailing a cab so my friend who is staying within the vicinity of hougang offered to come over to pick me up at bedok reservoir road which is on the way to our final destination which would be at Tampines biz hub. After which comes a phone call from my friend, coming out from the word of the cab driver “” ask your friend to take the cab himself “” in mandarin. WHAT IS THIS ?! I’m paying for your service and not for the attitude in which I was obviously given. Second of all, I would have stated his name if I could but your cab driver however do not have a license available for others to see as per the ruling for all taxi drivers in Singapore. It’s not display on the front screen, the monitor, the compartment area, NOTHING. Let’s just name him as “”unknown”” At the end of the trip, your cab driver UNKNOWN didn’t advised me on the cab charges instead he pointed to the meter and kept silent. It was a total of $22.69. While giving the change he don’t even bother to put the change in my hand and just left it at the middle platform counter of the cab. To end this off, The reason of the complain is not to get any kind of rewards for bad experience or whatever I don’t care. I would like to know how low can your hiring criteria sink, your drivers are obviously unsuited to the service industry, I’ve met irate truck drivers with more amicable attitudes. I hope to get a written explanation regarding this issue. I am not looking to cause an issue out of this, however if needed, I will take this to the few medias in Singapore. Good day. Best regards, Andy lowhei

Trans Cab SHB9630S – Point at customer face attitude problem and poor service.

6 Aug 2013   William Lim | Taxi Company: Trans Cab
Taxi very very rude attitude problem very poor service SHB9630S .I took the taxi at around 5pm and I kindly tell the taxi where I heading off from changi airport with my family and I have told him the road I want to used going by ECP then out from ford road then to gullimard road heading to my house at blk 56 cassia Crescent. And when we were around at meyer road out of nowhere he point his finger at me and ask me where I heading again and I say again the place but his attitudes and voice raise up and say HDB LA seems like we cannot used ford road going to my house and only staying meyer road or condo’s can used ford road.He didn’t even listen the first place when I speak and secondly wrong attitude asking me .

Yellow-Top Taxi SH 1314X – Mr. Nice taxi driver

6 Aug 2013   Iyqa Lee | Taxi Company: Yellow-Top Taxi

Hi, i would just like to give feedback for this taxi driver on the 05/08/13, at 08.46am-08.59am.

It was raining and he still stop. I would like to thank him for being so nice. Very patient. I feel happy throughout the journey. I didn’t have cash with me so i have to withdraw from the nearest ATM. so he stop me at kk hospital. waited for me to pay for him. this kind of taxi driver should be recognized. thank you very much. may god bless him. I am happy to take yellow top cab in future.

If only taxi drivers are like him (:


Comfort Taxi SHA5789A – Excellent Service

3 Aug 2013   Darren Tan | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

I would like to send my compliments to Mr Teo Lee Yee for his professional attitude and friendly service. Last night I took a taxi from Changi Intl Airport T1 to my home at Kovan Melody. He was already exhausted working the entire day starting from 7 am on Friday (02 Aug). Nevertheless, he still came out from the taxi with a smile and assisted me in loading my luggage. He mentioned that I was his passenger for the night and when we arrived to my place at Kovan Melody, he came out of the taxi to take out my luggage and even wished me a nice weekend. This is the type of attitude which is very much lacking in many taxi drivers whom I have met. When I returned back home, I realized that I have left my mobile phone in his taxi and after calling him frantically through my phone, he finally picked up. I would like to commend on his honesty and when I collected my phone the next day, he replied that it is his job and responsibility.

I recommend Mr Teo Lee Yee as one the best and friendliest taxi driver with strong sense of professionalism and attitude. He has changed my perspective of certain set of taxi drivers who have been in my bad books for the longest time.


Trans Cab SHB7573L – Rude taxi driver from Trans Cab

2 Aug 2013   Elaine | Taxi Company: Trans Cab
Was waiting for a cab outside AMK Hub. Saw this taxi and hailed for it. Little that me and my friends know, we realize we couldn’t pay by nets, so we went further down to get a cab as the jam was bad. This Comfort cab wanted to stop but SHB7573L purposely drove beside the comfort cab and didn’t wanna let it stop for us. Taxi driver was rude, shouted at us for not wanting to hop on his car. He even shouted vulgarities. What kind of service is Trans cab providing? This is too much ya.