GrabCar 6-seater Economy

With a multitude of services right at your fingertips, you could easily access a private hire vehicle for all your transfers via the Grab app. 

Here, the GrabCar option allows passengers to book a chauffeured ride at a flat rate, and features an extensive fleet that comprises familiar vehicle models including the Toyota Wish, Honda Stream, Toyota Estima, Honda Odyssey, and Mazda 5. 

The GrabCar Plus Economy is the premium equivalent of the GrabCar. Whilst GrabCar meets all the basic requirements of a quality and value-for-money private hire vehicle, the GrabCar Plus focuses on excellent service by offering chauffeured rides in newer and more comfortable vehicles, all of which are maneuvered by top-rated drivers, thus ensuring a pleasant ride to your destination. 

The 4-seater category called GrabCar (Economy) and the premium 4-seater category to GrabCar+ (Premium) remain a staple in the private hire category, but the 6-seater GrabCar option brings a competitive edge to the market for Grab as it adds versatility and diversity into Grab’s vehicle fleet. With the GrabCar 6-seater Economy, families can now choose to travel in one vehicle as opposed to having to book two separate 4-seaters, thus ensuring a time-efficient and hassle-free transfer. 

GrabCar differs from GrabTaxi in that you get to ride in a private vehicle at a fixed fare, whereas GrabTaxi fares are metered. Grab has also integrated an in-app messaging and phone call platform for you to effectively communicate with your designated driver. 

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