Courier Services in Singapore

Sending messages, mails and packages can be a hassle especially if it has to be done immediately. The usual mail delivery lead time takes about four to seven days before the recipient gets it. And the usual establishment that does this is the local post office. Almost everything before was sent via the post office. Good thing is that courier services are now available to speed things up.

Courier services, especially in cities as progressive as Singapore, are now rampant. These companies are known to provide services that ensure security, speed, tracking, individualization, and customization. In comparison to the ordinary mail services, couriers are a lot faster and more efficient. Courier services are more permissive than the traditional mail services. They allow packages, small or big, to be sent through their trucking and air transportation. They operate on most scales, if not all, from within specific cities, towns, regional, national and even on a global scale.

Even in small cities, courier services are still in demand because of their speed and efficiency. That is why people in Singapore choose to send their packages through the use of courier services, for a faster and more reliable delivery. There are quite a number of courier service providers in Singapore. Below are some of the top-rated courier service companies that you can contact in case you are in need of their services.

Network Courier

They are one of Singapore’s leading courier service provider. Today, Network Courier is one of the most admired and recognized Singapore names in the industry because of their innovation and high service standards that ensure ultimate customer satisfaction. It is the most in demand choice partner of different leading brands, rising local and global business, as well as local industrial companies. For them, each delivery is a mission to build long-term business relationship with their clients. This motivated them to create better and stronger delivery systems. You may contact them at +65 6293 3031.

Regent Courier Service

Delivering packages in perfect condition at the earliest possible time is of utmost importance for this company. If you need something to be urgently delivered by hand in any place in Singapore, you can definitely call on Regent Courier Service. They have a team which is composed of twenty-five experienced couriers on bikes, eight admin staff, three lorries and ten vans. The team is also expanded regularly so their clients could get a full spectrum of courier as well as office boy services every single working day. They guarantee that they can deliver your packages on time whether it is raining or shining. And they have a money-back guarantee if the recipients fail to receive the packages on time. You may contact them at +65 6339 2188.

Wasan Transportation Enterprise

Wasan Transportation Enterprise has been providing impeccable courier services since the year 2006. They are open to serve the local community of Singapore. They are very proud of their unbeatable professionalism as well as high quality service as proven by their extensive network of customers and clients. They always promote and ensure efficiency in every delivery they do. You may call them at +65 6653 7635.

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