GrabTaxi (Overview)

Technology has indeed brought its wonders into the various sectors that become the driving source of Singapore’s overall economy. In terms of booking taxi rides, Grab is the leading company in bringing together the local ride-hailing scene with its multi-service tech platform. 

GrabTaxi is a unique taxi-booking experience, prefaced with a tech-savvy outreach that could allow users to access drivers from various taxi companies in Singapore. Featuring proud partnerships with local brands like Comfort Taxi, CityCab Taxi, Premier Taxi, Prime Taxi, SMRT and TransCab, Grab touts the highest chance of getting an LTA-licensed taxi with a shorter waiting time, coupled with a cashless payment option for your convenience. 

Offering taxi options in the forms of Standard Taxi (for those who seek an efficient, value-for-money transfer), Limo Taxi (a ride of comfort and quality) and Electric Taxi (the eco-friendly taxi experience), Grab ensures that you get to choose a cab that is is tailored to your lifestyle choices and your most present needs. Fares are metered and each taxi option has their fares individually tabulated, and can be made reference to here.

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