Trans Cab 9808Y – LOST iPhone RETURNED

08 Sept 2013   Rey | Taxi Company: Trans Cab

“I would like to thank and commend the driver (forgot to get his name though) of Transcab with plate #9808Y on Sunday, Sep 8, 2013 @around 11:30am.

I rode this cab with a friend from OLPS church to our place in Bedok Reservoir Road. Upon reaching our place, i paid the cab bill and we alighted. 30mins later i relized that i don’t have my phone with me (it’s iPhone 5 64GB) so i panicked and asked my friend to call the cab. The driver did not pick up the call at once, and then we realized that it was on a silent mode (as we came from the church) and we were seated at the back of the car. Upon second call, he picked up and acknowledge that we forgot the phone on his cab. As he’s already on his change shift then, he asked us to wait for sometime as he’s already quite far from our place.
15 mins later, i saw him on our block and handed back my phone to me. I gave him some amount to pay for his trip to my place.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH Uncle! Really appreciate this gesture as losing one’s phone is really a nightmare due to contact nos and other info stored on the phone.

God bless you :)”

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