HDT Electric Taxi
Hotline: +65 6258 8888

Address : 47 Jalan Pemimpin, #03-05, Halcyon 2
Singapore 577200
Tel : 6258 8888
Fax : 6258 0774
Website : http://hdt.com.sg
Email : [email protected]



HDT Taxi is the first electric vehicles in Singapore and owned by HDT Singapore Holding. HDT Taxi is unique compared to other conventional taxis because it is fully utilizing electric power to fuel the vehicles and environment-friendly. “Going Green” is the company’s main focused objective in order to save the environment and pollution-free in the future.

Introducing HDT electric taxi, the country’s seventh operator and the Taxi Service Operator Licence holder for 10 years as declared by Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA). Within 4 years, HDT Taxi will be required to upgrade their existing fleet electric taxis at least 800 electric taxis and register them by end of August 2018. Hence, the huge demands of electric taxis will also effect on the increase of charging stations in Singapore. This to ensure to smooth the HDT electric taxis daily operation and sufficient charging stations to support its fleet. According to James Ng HDT’s director manager, HDT currently has 75 charging points in 10 areas and planning to add more charging points in the future.

HDT taxi is less cost operation. For every 1.5 charging hours, the electric taxi can travel up to 400km and this makes the electric taxi is cost half compared to fuel taxi.

HDT other services includes:

  • Bus Transport
  • Advertising
  • Concierge Services
  • Rental
  • Premium Express School Transport
  • Travel Agencies

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