Singapore Attractions

Singapore may be a little red dot on the map, but it’s packed with many wonderful surprises for travellers! There are just so many things you can do and see at Singapore attractions and get mused with the tons of new discoveries!!

Top Ten Attractions in Singapore

Singapore is a busy city state with a host of activities for all the family. We`ve pulled together a guide for the best ten tourist spots on offer.

1. Sentosa Island

You could have a wonderful time on this little island without even going into the city. There are three beaches to chose from and also nature trails through the semi tropical vegetation. Plenty of bars and restaurants offer refreshment as you explore. Combine this with an aquarium and underwater lagoon, butterfly gardens and the exciting Sky Tower (plus the cable car ride to the top) and its a day (or two) out of all the family.

2. Underwater World

On Sentosa island is the Aquarium that houses 2500 marine species Its a fun family day out with a spot of education thrown in. Join the dive programs and have fun watching the Dolphins; or combine both and have a once in a lifetime chance to swim with the friendly creatures themselves.

3. Mount Faber Cable Car

Ride to 70 metres above the sea and enjoy the spectacular scenery of the city and harbour. The cable car operates from Stenosa Island.

4. The Merlion park

The Merlion has a head of a lion and the body of a fish, Singapore actually means Lion City. The distinctive monument stands out from the surrounding water and concrete and offers a lovely photo opportunity as a souvenir of your trip. You will find the Merlion near the Fullerton Hotel.

5. Singapore Zoo

One of the best tourist attractions of the city this open concept Zoo allows visitors to observe the animals in a natural environment. Six shows a day run between the hours of 10.40 and 4.30 A little tram will take you on a ride around the park and there are plenty of refreshment places on site.

6. Jurong Bird park

This 20 hectare park is home to over 9000 birds and is the Asia Pacific`s largest indoor Aviary. Penguins live here alongside parrots and this is a family attraction not to be missed while in Singapore.

7. Night Safari

A nocturnal experience that all the family will enjoy as they explore the tropical jungle in search of wildlife. Over 1000 animals live in this grassy forest and come out to play at night, the subtle lighting technique used means that they still roam freely but the visitors can still see them clearly.

8. Fountain of wealth

Located in the middle of the Sun City Mall the worlds largest fountain shoots water up to 30 metres in the air. Locals believe that touching the water brings good luck

9. Floorball

Have a go at this popular local sport. Similar to hockey you can try your hand at several sports centres including the Tampines Sports hall.

10. Spa

If all the sightseeing has worn you out take a well deserved break at the best spa in the city. In the heart of Boat Quay the Singapore River Spa allows you views across the river whilst being pampered.

Singapore has many more things on offer that will appeal to adults and children alike. fly to Singapore will help take you and your loved ones there in comfort, ready for your unforgettable holiday in the Lion City.

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