Trans Cab SHD0061H- Warning – Trans Cab drivers often overcharge!

31 Aug 2013   Marcus | Taxi Company: Transcab

“This incident happened some time ago…..I did report it to Transcab and had many conversations with them. They admitted that their cab had overcharged and said they would refund me. However, in the end, they never made the refund despite many unanswered requests. I am posting this complaint in the hope that other passengers will be on their guard when they get on a Transcab. I was disappointed with the driver, but more so by Transcab’s uncaring attitude towards its customers.

The journey: I flagged down a Mercedes taxi on the road and had a pleasant enough journey. At the end, the driver charged me S$3.30 surcharge. I trusted him and paid. However, when I looked at the receipt in detail, the driver had charged me a “”current booking”” charge. Obviously he charged me too much as I did not make a booking and caught the car on the road. I later complained to Transcab.

Beware of Transcab taxis!”