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Comfort Taxi SHD6849M – ★ People waiting for a taxi at the taxi stand

5 Jun 2019   Hitomi | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi (Blue)

We were on the que waiting for a taxi and this driver had picked up other customer just 1m before the taxi stand. All the ppl who were waiting for a cab, this is really unfair. All the ppl waiting was not happy.


Comfort Taxi SHA1576Z – ★ Driver took my phone

1 Jun 2019   | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi (Blue)

I accidentally drop my phone on the car and the driver should have realised it when we call my phone and switch it off.


CityCab SHB4974H – ★★ Poor

1 Jun 2019   | Taxi Company: CityCab (Yellow)

I booked a JustGrab ride for my sister with 5 children (1 teenager, 2 children – 12yo and 8 yo, 1 toddler and an infant). I understand that the teenager is considered as an adult so that makes 2 adults and 3 children along with an infant which by right is still within the criteria of taxi seating capacity. She kept emphasising that her insurance does not cover the number of people and she should have rejected my sister due to the number of people. Even though she explained to my sister nicely but how will my sister be able to separate her young kids with 2 different rides? There has never been a problem with other drivers accepting this even though most times she gets rejected due to the number of children she has with her. It is already difficult to handle 5 children on her own but having drivers to reject her or reiterate about this matter when she is accepted for the ride has become a common problem.


Premier Taxis SHD1066M – ★ Poor, rude

31 May 2019   Mdm Wong | Taxi Company: Premier Taxis (Silver)

I on board this taxi at jurong point J15 taxi stand, I saw the taxi window screen pasted sticker that he accept all sorts of payment mode, before I board the cab, I asked the taxi driver if he accept neta payment, before I finished my question, this driver went into the taxi cos he has been standing outside near his cab. So I just hopped on, since I saw the machine is functioning well, however when I reached my destination at boonlay, I told him that I want to pay by nets, he said No ,only cash! I asked him, how come he don’t accept nets or Visa since he has the machine and is also working condition and even got sticker showing all kind of mode of payment? ? He never even bother to answer my question and just said pay me cash! Lucky I managed to have some cash just nice to pay him. He did not give me a receipt. And his car plate number I dun really remember his last alphabet. But with the front SHD 1066 ,I am sure you may be able to find this driver. Ask him question, he chose not to answer or reply. As if I am talking to “ghost” or talk to myself.


Trans Cab SHB7678T – ★ Reluctant to take passenger for short distance

30 May 2019   | Taxi Company: Trans Cab (Red)

Was terrible. Taxi driver was rude and not willing to go in Sentosa from 1 Maritime Harbour Front Mcdonald Taxi Stand. He commented why Sentosa again and overly reluctant to go in Sentosa. And asked me why didn’t take Taxi line up before him which parked in lot with no sight of taxi driver. When I told him that I want to go Costa Sands Resort then he replied that “I don’t know where”. I immediately told him off that I will guide him and asked him to proceed. Very bad experience with this kind of Taxi Driver. Spoilt my day!


SMRT Taxis SHD6359K – ★ Pls reply my email in morning

15 May 2019   Grace Tan | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis (Brown)

Feel really really bad for the driver’s service, it wasted my time & money!


Prime Taxi SHD2087 – ★★★ Help with the luggage and explain the surcharges!

15 May 2019   Justin McGettigan | Taxi Company: Prime Taxi (Copper)

The driver should at least offer to help with the luggage and at the end of the journey, automatically explain what surcharges are being added!


SMRT Taxis SHD6359K – ★ WORST

15 May 2019   Grace | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis (Brown)

I take taxi from Boon Keng mrt to Novena square 2 today, normally it takes about 10min, but the driver MR.MOHAMAD NOOR BIN MOHAMAD ARSHAD take my 20min+ to my destination,and over charge me, normally only need to pay for about $6++,but today i paid for $16.65, this is so terrible ,pls settle it for me , this is a really bad experience!


Prime Taxi SHD2307L – ★★ It was terrible

13 May 2019   Desiree | Taxi Company: Prime Taxi (Copper)

I don’t know if it was because I had a dog on board. Anyway, I did not put my dog on the seat due to the driver’s request, and put him on the floor instead. The driver drove very quickly and kept stepping on the brakes, causing my dog to nearly fall over a number of times.


Comfort Taxi SH7102B – ★ Longest Trip Ever!!!!

10 May 2019   Ms Cheang | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi (Blue)

Booked the taxi from my office Sungei Kadut around 2.10pm to my meeting at construction site near Mandarin Gardens on 9/5/19, the driver asked me which road to travel and I told him the shortest route without traffic. As he started to move, I realized it was not my usual way, so I asked which way he was travelling? He then replied go by this way which had less traffic (if not mistaken was SLE then TPE).

I took a nap during the trip, when I woke up then realized the driver was driving at Tampines / Loyang area. It was such a shocked and I asked why he drove to Tampines? His replied, go straight then turn out to Bedok then Upp East Coast…..very fast will reach…..he then speed up to average more then 70km and rushed me to my destination. We have record for the distant travel, as almost every Thursday we booked cab to the same place for meeting. The usual distant were less than 30km, where this driver’s was 39.7km.

We as the passenger will depend on the driver who will be professional enough to use the best / shortest route and aware of the current traffic conditions, to ensure we reach our destination fast and safely. This driver used such a long way which not only increase the taxi fair also wasted so much time. This was such an unpleasant journey caused me money, time and also I was very late for my meeting.