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SHD360U – ★ Unpleasant

15 May 2018   | Taxi Company: Transcab

The driver continuously shakes his leg inside the taxi, making the journey a nauseous one. His cab also reeks of cigarette smell, adding on to the headache. He is also unsure of the road and continuously asked for directions, which I don’t mind if he had asked for it nicely.


SHA6051M – ★ Very rude

11 May 2018   Don Chuah | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

I took the above taxi from Changi airport Terminal 1 at approx 10.30 pm to my friends place at Bedok. I gave the address to the taxi driver, and he told me that he can take me to the street in Bedok but not the exact address. So, when I told him that I am from Australia and really don’t know the place well. He was very rude to me and said that my slang is local and that I should know the address. I told him that he is a taxi driver and that he should know most of the place well, he back chatted me and told ask me do I know the whole of Australia well. In that instance I did not want to pursue the argument with him. When I told him that I might want to make a complain on him, he challenged me to go ahead. Very rude and loud too.


SHB9786B – ★ Rude

10 May 2018   Ya Ting | Taxi Company: Transcab

Just now I went to take a taxi to Tan Tock Seng Hospital, I ask the taxi driver to drive faster, he just shouted at me and say “Can you see the jam?!” I was talking to him nicely yet he screamed at me. Please do something about that rude taxi driver.


SHD4928G – ★ Go one big round

10 May 2018   Loh Yun Yi | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

We flagged the taxi at SGH and told the driver to drop us off at Pioneer station’s coffee shop. The route was clear cut- AYE (just right beside SGH) and exit at Pioneer Route North. But driver took advantage of us resting in the cab/ when we were not paying attention, took a longer route by exiting at Jurong Town Hall and through Boon Lay way where there’s tonnes of traffic light and traffic. (why seriously?????) It was 100% clear the driver lack integrity and took advantage. Trip started at 11:55PM (09 May 2018) and ended 00:20AM (10 May 2018).


SHC8806C – ★ Worst driver

8 May 2018   Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

Worst driver I ever had. 3 adult and 2 kids ( 2 & 4). Firstly, I have a few items and I need to put in the car boot but the car boot are full of his items. I need to carry them into the car seat with me. Secondly, I have my 2 kids with me (2 & 4) at the back of the seat. I ask him to lock the door in case my kids accidentally open up the door. He told me the door cannot be lock as the lock are damage. He drive recklessly. E-brake a few times because of traffic light turn red.


SHA8747B – ★ Horrible

7 May 2018   Kaymond | Taxi Company: CityCab

The driver took me from Toa Payoh to Anchorpoint at queensway, I reached my destination at 2.40pm on 07/05/2018. We clarified the destination (as opposite IKEA) and route before we left (PIE > Adam rd > Farrer Rd > Queensway). Firstly, he nearly missed the Adam Rd exit from PIE and only started to switch 4 lanes after reminding him nearing the exit, resulting in one of the vehicles behind honking us as he was cutting it dangerously close. Then, he brought me to the anchorage condominium instead of anchorpoint shopping centre. I did not mind the walk. What brought me to write this review is the payment settlement. I told him I would like to pay by nets and handed him my ocbc card, which he ended up charging via VISA instead of nets, resulting in an additional admin fee of almost $1. I clarified with him and he said he pressed NETS but was not sure why it charged via VISA instead. I figured there is no use in pursuing this further as the experience just could not get any worse. The erroneous charge of a dollar is a small sum when one considers the almost reckless driving and the mistake after mistake that could occur in a short span of 15 minutes. I hope no other passenger will be put through such a disappointing experience with your company.


SHC3904L – ★ Poor

6 May 2018   Janice | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

I took the taxi with my mum, my sis and my grandma. The driver was very unfriendly and unhelpful when he saw us struggling to help my grandma on and off the taxi. The driver drove off immediately aft my grandma step out of the taxi.


SHC7685S – ★ Crap service and please do not arrive so early

6 May 2018   Taxi Company: CityCab

I made an advance booking for 4.50am and the taxi arrived so early at 4.30am. My dogs were barking because of this and because I did not want to wake the neighbours I decided to leave early. When I got into the taxi I asked why the early arrival and she said because I’m going to the airport. I find this snide response rather puzzling and insulting. How would she know when my plane takes off? 5 Minutes early is Fine but not 20mins. I wonder too if I was charged for the waiting time of the taxi. I hope that in future your drivers do not arrive so early and do not treat customers like fools. The cab was also stuffy and dirty.


SH6361B – ★ Passengers beware

5 May 2018   Terry Moran | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

For the first time in 15½ years, using your taxi service, my friend and I have never been left on the side of the road, in the rain. To make it worse my leg is in a brace and I use a walking stick. Why? 1. Because your driver decided to take me the long way home despite having GPS on. 2. Your driver was defensive then when we were on to him taking the wrong route. 3. Driver refused to pause the meter until we were back on route & challenged us to alight the cab instead. 4. Blamed us the passengers for not providing directions after. This only became evident when he informed us he was new and didn’t know the way. We have taken this trip many times over 10 years and never once was taken the wrong way. Clearly this “new” driver needs to learn taxi driving 101; which is to inform the passengers at the beginning of a trip that he is unsure of the route. We are more than willing to assist so that we can reach our destination the quickest possible. I would suggest if other passengers come across a blue ComfortDelGro Taxi with the license plate SH6361B to give it a miss. Apologies the photo is blurry. The driver drove off very quickly to avoid us taking the photo.


SHC5065U – ★ Went a detour

2 May 2018   Shirley | Taxi Company: Transcab

From Dhoby Ghaut to 37 Bukit Batok East Ave 6. After Dunearn road, instead of going to Jurong Kechil road, driver drove to PIE. I was taking a nap, I woke up the moment he turned and it was too late. The moment he turned to PIE, it was $12. Driver purposely did it, did not even apologise. At the start, I even mentioned that the dropoff is beside Jurong Kechil.