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SHB8664B- ★ Careless Driving

16 Oct 2017   Elson | Taxi Company: Premier Taxis

On the 16/10/2017 at about 0704hrs, I made a booking with thru Grab and was picked up by the your driver Mr.Check Yeng Chew at 0712hrs. During the trip driver seem confused unsure of where to go as such after 15minutes I was still at the vicinity of where I was being picked up at.While travelling along Central Expressway, Mr.Check Yeng Chew made a abrupt lane change to the right without signalling nearly causing an accident together with a silver Mercedes. Through my journey my arrival timing was being delayed by another 15minutes and I was late for my work.


SHA7349Z – ★ Poor Service

09 Oct 2017   Mrs Yeo | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

I was very unhappy with the taxi driver throughout the whole trip. He did not bother to check how to get to my destination. I had to propose him to check Google map and he still cannot find the way. I even told him some main landmarks of the area, yet he nearly drove me to Kovan. I corrected him before he was about to drive further from my housing estate, imagining it was already 2am in the morning and I could not wait to reach home asap! We went rounds around the neighbourhood and he did not apologise at all. What was supposed to be a short and cheaper trip, ended up unexpectedly expensive and time-consuming. If I had known this would happened, I would have chosen my earlier Grab/Uber options instead of hopping onto this taxi. Though he gave me $2 discount, but the trip was definitely worth way lesser than $7. I just felt that either he was trying to cheat my money, if not his attitude was just super poor. Hope you can understand my frustration and review on this. This was by far the worst taxi ride of my life.


SHB8639A – ★★ Rude

07 Oct 2017   Kiki | Taxi Company: Premier Taxis

On 6/10/2017, 15:06, I boarded a Premier Taxi Pte Ltd cab from the Changi airport terminal 3. It was assigned by the airport cab controller. The driver (with sunglasses) asked me: Pay cash? I replied Yes. He proceeded to ‘throw’ my luggage into his boot, I saw it and heard a ‘Bom’ sound. I want to feedback his attitude is inappropriate for picking up passengers in our world class Changi airport. A taxi service is one of the experiences provided to give the tourists a good impression of our country. His name is something Hock.. I think he needs to improve on his service mindset. However, he sent me safely to my destination.


SHC5253T – ★ Terrifying

06 Oct 2017   Taxi Company: Transcab

I boarded the taxi from T2 Changi Airport. The young driver offered no assistance with the luggage. He drove in a erratic manner, braking and driving. When I asked him, why he was driving in this manner, he started shouting and asked m to get out of his taxi. When I refused, he wanted to fight with me and at my destination he even threatened me. His behavior was frightening!


SHD2843E – ★ Horrendous

02 Oct 2017   Jes | Taxi Company: Prime Taxi

I took the prime cab SHD2843E on 1 Oct 2017 at 4.05pm. The driver was an Indian man. Once I boarded the taxi,my instruction was “Jurong West St 51, go straight all the way”. The taxi moved on. Halfway before a junction, I noticed that the driver activated his “Turn Left” signal. Fearing that he would turn left at the junction, I told him “You can go straight”. He turned around and blasted “U looking at my signal?” I replied “yes”. He could continued “Why??? I am the driver right? Why you look at my signal???” My immediate response was “Thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks”, indicating let’s end such ridiculous conversation (just shut up!). I had zero plan to waste further saliva and breath on such a unreasonable driver.


SHC7723R – ★★ My Worst Experience Ever

29 Sep 2017   Adella | Taxi Company: CityCab

My friend and I first told the driver that we are going to Braddell MRT then Bishan. The driver claimed that he misheard Braddell as Bedok and took us to Bedok MRT. After we clarified, he then took us to Farred Road MRT instead. Then after clarified again, he finally took us to Braddell MRT. But, the point is he didn’t admit that he was wrong and he claimed that he confirmed with us that the destination was Bedok MRT. His driving was not so smooth. Overall, it was not a pleasant journey at all.


SHD2885J – ★ Complain

22 Sep 2017   Charmian | Taxi Company: Prime Taxi

The driver was dishonest, throughout the journey the meter was not displayed and I was not kept in the know of the price of the journey until my destination was reached. Even then, he did not show me the meter and only quoted me the price. Furthermore, he encourage me to use credit card for payment which I have done so. All this is without letting me know that there is a 10% surcharge on the bill when credit card is used as a mode of payment.


SHB1005A – ★ Hooligan

19 Sep 2017   Roy | Taxi Company: Transcab

Hired today from Wallich Road at 11-30 am to drop at V Hotel , Lavender. Card machine was not working, driver refused to accept 50 SGD bill for the fare of 13 SGD. Finally he took 50 SGD bill but started abusing with choicest abuses publicly , came down to physically assault and finally ran away without giving any receipt. To me this was like a never heard of incident in Singapore, had I not been used to Singapore this incident would have created an irreversible negative impression.I have a feeling that this driver was a drug addict or lunatic or under some kind of extreme stress, he was capable of physically harming a pager. I wish he is investigated asap and his driving licence is temporarily discontinued.He is a huge shame to Singapore and non action on him will amount to an even bigger SHAME.


SHB3549J – ★ Very Rude Taxi Driver

18 Sep 2017   Taxi Company: CityCab

Very bad experience in my life. Taxi driver very rude when approach me when i ask about the road that we take and he begin to raise his voice at me.


SHC5600A – ★ Terrible

17 Sep 2017   GalaxNite | Taxi Company: Transcab

I booked this Transcab taxi via Grab at about 10.50am on 17 September 2017 with this driver called Ian So Tin Chi. He called to confirm my location at Blk 476A Upper Serangoon View, to which I said yes.As it was my first time using GrabTaxi, I was looking at where his taxi was going on my geolocation in real time. Grab said my taxi had arrived, but when I looked up, he was nowhere, and I saw on the geolocation that he was heading elsewhere. Panicking, I called to ask where he was and he assured me he was on the way, and reconfirmed my location, to which again I said yes.When he arrived, both me and young boy sat in. When I mentioned that he scared me as I thought he lost his way, I was horrified when he had a go at me and said I was rude on the phone which I did not think so. I explained that the location showed he passed the location. Instead, he went on and on on how I talked with him on phone and even mocked-yelled at me to show his point. Then he laughed and said I sounded like his wife. Insulted, I asked if he was insulting me and he said he will fetch me to the destination, so the whole journey was quiet. I guided him to my destination and once arrived, I double-checked with him that payment was made with my GrabPay, he confirmed, so I got out of the cab along with my son. As we were walking to my destination, he pulled his window down and shouted at me, said I was rude. To my horror, I scolded him back and said he was rude himself. He argued with me in front of me and even had a go at my son. As a customer, why should I thank him when he was rude to me in the cab? And now, he expected me to thank him! Ridiculous! $10.94 for this rotten service is SO NOT WORTH IT. He needs to grow up!