Taxi Stands in the Central Business District (CBD)

Traveling by Taxi in the CBD

Presented by Land Transport Authority (LTA, Singapore)

For the safety of passengers, taxi drivers and other road users, taxi drivers are not allowed to pick up or drop off passengers along main roads within the Central Business District (CBD) area in Singapore, where buses ply daily from 7am to 10pm except on Sundays and Public Holidays.

For the convenience of commuters, each taxi stand/stop and pick-up or drop-off point at building driveways in the CBD is assigned a unique location code for easy identification. Commuters can inform the taxi call-booking centres of their pick-up points by indicating the location code.

There are certain busy roads in the city area where you are not allowed to hail a taxi. This is to prevent taxis from stopping indiscriminately along these roads and causing obstruction to the heavy traffic. Instead, taxi-stops have been set up at designated points along these roads where taxi drivers can pick up or alight passengers during restricted hours.

All public taxi stands/stops are labelled with a unique location code indicated on the taxi signage to enable commuters to inform the taxi companies of their precise pick-up location if they require to call book for a taxi.

Alternatively, you may also wait for a taxi at taxi stands. As with taxi-stops, taxi stands ensure the orderly queuing of passengers waiting for taxis. Taxis are not allowed to pick up passengers in the vicinity of a taxi stand but they are, however, allowed to alight their passengers in the vicinity of taxi stands. A taxi-stand is easily recognized by either of the following signs.

Taxi stands are generally located along roads (other than those with taxi stops) where the demand for taxis is high. You may also wait for taxis at designated areas within the premises of most major commercial, retail and office buildings. Most MRT stations also have taxi stands near the station entrances.

Taxi Service at Taxi Stands

As part of our efforts to improve taxi services, surveys on waiting time for taxis at major taxi stands in the city area are conducted during the evening period from 5 pm to 11 pm. The indicative waiting time results are displayed at selected taxi stands to help commuters make an informed decision before joining the queue at these taxi stands.

LTA has been working with hotels and shopping centres to improve taxi availability as part of their overall service to their guests and customers. This includes better traffic management, putting up call booking information at the taxi stands, and helping their customers, especially foreign visitors, to make call bookings for taxis.

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