GrabCar 6-Seater Premium

Grab has indeed become a leading company in terms of facilitating smooth and efficient transfers with its multitude of ride-hailing services, including the GrabTaxi, JustGrab and the ever-versatile GrabCar options. 

With Singapore being a model example of a world-class metropolis, it only goes to show that market demands have pushed Grab into introducing a more diverse range of services for the company to secure a steady footing in the consumer field. 

Approaching the niche market with a subtlety that is understated but recognized, the GrabCar Premium is a ride-hailing option that markets on the ultimate luxury ride, at affordable and competitive price points. As app users could choose to book a ride in one of the luxury vehicles from a fleet of 4-seater renowned sedans such as the BMW 5-series, Audi, Mercedes Benz E-Class, transfers are now tuned to not only the convenience of the riders, but the experience of unwinding in a premium surrounding. 

The GrabCar Premium also provides for family groups as well as those who prefer a more spacious vehicle model with the GrabCar 6-Seater Premium, thus catering for a more diverse crowd as well as offering one more option for users to select a chauffeured service to best suit their needs. 

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