Singapore to Malaysia Transport Options

When it comes to cross-border transfers, comfort becomes the priority of every traveler. While there may be a variety of ways to transfer from Singapore to Malaysia, the long hours and often hectic schedule may affect the decision of the traveler in choosing the most appropriate transport. 

With the different states in Malaysia waiting to be explored, travelers are spoilt with choices. Take a day trip to Legoland in Johor Bahru, or to the urban scene of Kuala Lumpur. If one is feeling up for an adventure to a heritage site, Malacca is also a tourist-favourite. Regardless of which state you choose to visit in Malaysia, all trips start with a transport mode suited to your preference and your itinerary.


A popular way of transport is by flight. Book a flight ticket and relax as you fly in from Singapore to Malaysia. For those on a traveling budget, airlines such as AirAsia and Jetstar offer flights from Singapore to Malaysia at affordable prices, and early bookings often reap cheap tickets as well! In addition to that, given that Singapore and Malaysia are neighboring countries, the flights will not be too time-consuming, giving you ample opportunity to resume your itinerary (if any) right after you’ve landed in Malaysia. 


If you’re one for the long ride, taking the train may give you the traveling experience you crave for. Trains departing from Singapore to Malaysia, albeit certain destinations require you to transit, offer travelers the option to enjoy the scenery outside (if it is a daytime departure) or to sleep on the overnight train. With decent food and a fairly clean interior, taking the train is a recommended way of cross-border transfer, and if you’re on the overnight train, it saves you from the often-expensive hotel stay in Singapore. Of course, for all you who have a tight schedule, be warned that these train trips could take up most of your schedule, depending on your chosen destination. 


Another wallet-friendly option to travel from Singapore to Malaysia would be by bus, but again one will have to work in the time as it may take a few hours more compared to flying. Chartering a bus is also a great way for large groups of friends or family to bond over the traveling hours, though the price may vary depending on the destination.


Land transportation-wise, booking a cab may be a pricey option, but with all forms of transport the matter of price boils down to the number of passengers as well as the travel destination. Taking the taxi is recommended for those who are looking for some quiet time before arriving in Malaysia, and it’s also a great choice for small families or small groups of friends.

When booking for a taxi to travel to Malaysia from Singapore, travelers must pay attention to detail. Specially-licensed Singaporean taxis, different from those of the normal variant, are allowed to enter Malaysia, and this is only to the extent of the Johor Bahru Larkin Taxi Terminal. 

However, if one wishes to transport themselves by taxi directly from the Ban San Street Terminal in Singapore to any point other than Larkin Taxi Terminal, a Malaysian taxi can be booked for and boarded at the Ban San St Terminal in Queen Street, Singapore. Conversely, if one wishes to travel from Malaysia to any point in Singapore, by way of a Singaporean taxi, the service at the Larkin Terminal is also available. The rates, however, may vary depending on destination. 

Another option would be to book for an executive taxi, which will transfer you from Ban San Street Terminal in Singapore to Johor Bahru at a flat rate, and vice versa. There are private vehicle options available at your service as well, the bookings for which can be made here.

You may make a taxi booking by calling  +65 6535 3534 (Singapore) or +603 2630 8400 (Malaysia). 

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