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Book Car is an online platform which facilitates the renting of vehicles. If you’re interested in renting a car while on your travels here in Singapore or in Malaysia, you may choose from our list of available vehicles to find the one best tailored for your itinerary, travel budget, as well as number of passengers.

It is understandable that hiring a vehicle while traveling can be a hectic process. With uncertainties such as time estimations, varying transfer rates, and the many options available for transfer via either public or private transport, a practical solution may be to rent a car. Tour around the city or arrive at your desired destination without hassle. This service also allows you to make your own travel itinerary a more flexible one.

We are also an online platform which allows you to list your vehicles for rent. All you have to do is register an account with us and begin listing the vehicles and rental prices for viewing!

For more information, you may contact our customer service line. 

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