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SMRT Taxis SHA5706J – Dangerous driving

2 Aug 2013   Lenard | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis
I Hav on this date notice that the above taxi filtering left or right without signaling. I hope you should get them to practise it as a habit. It also allow the vehicle for early response.

Premier Taxis SHC6951E – Poor service from Premier Taxi Driver

28 Jul 2013   littlepeace59 | Taxi Company: Premier Taxis
I am disappointed with the poor service I received from a Premier Taxi driver of SHC6951E. 10:26am from Clementi Rd to Mandai Crematorium and Columbarium (10:47am) He did not drive us to the Ash Collection Centre. He told us that taxis are not allowed enter beyond the Main Office building at the entrance. We had no choice but to alight and walked under a light drizzle by following the directional signboards by the road leading there.

SMRT Taxis SHB9642H – Poor service!

26 Jul 2013   Ken Tay | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis
Poor service! Fierce n rude driver ! I took a cab from tampines to Changing airport , the driver didn’t help me w my heavy luggage s , that s ok. But he looked at me with an angry face as if I owe him anything!

SMRT Taxis SHD5764E – Wont give change, wont issue receipt

21 Jul 2013   Tisha Mellado | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis
The taxi driver, aside from being very nasty, wont give back my change of SGD2.00 and wont give me a receipt. When i insisted, he wrote down on a piece of paper the wrong plate number and amount. I feel if I dont report this, he will do this to other passengers.

SMRT Taxis SHB1228Z pleasant drive driver was courteous

19 Jul 2013   Mrs Tan | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis
pleasant drive driver was courteous

Comfort Taxi SH6550Y – Complaint against Comfort Cab

18 Jul 2013   Sherlyn Sher Lyn Leng | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi
On Mon, 15 July 2013, about 9.05pm along PIE heading towards Changi, just passed the Toa Payoh exit, Comfort Cab SH6550Y almost crashed into my lane when he did not check his blind spot while changing lanes. He did put out his signal light (which was good).