Gojek Singapore

Gojek is one of Southeast Asia’s leading on-demand, multi-service tech platforms which allows users to access a wide range of services including transport, food delivery and cashless payment. Gojek was founded back in the year 2010 as a modern and innovative effort to tackle Jakarta’s traffic problems, and had its humble beginnings as a call center operating a small fleet of only 20 motorcycle-taxi drivers (ojek). 

Gojek has since evolved with the launch of the Gojek App in January 2015, which has expanded to include more than 20 services on its modern platform, including motorbike ride-sharing (GoRide), delivery (GoSend), and shopping (GoMart) services. 

In Singapore, only the GoCar service is available. GoCar is a service that matches riders with the nearest available private-hire vehicle. All the vehicles and driver-partners on our platform are commercially licensed and touts a base fare of S$3.40 and a platform fee of S$0.70, with an increment of S$0.55 – S$0.80 per kilometer traveled. The pricing is subject to peak hours and may depend on the location, but you could always obtain a price estimate before you book for a ride through the app!

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