Trans Cab SHB9630S – Point at customer face attitude problem and poor service.

6 Aug 2013   William Lim | Taxi Company: Trans Cab
Taxi very very rude attitude problem very poor service SHB9630S .I took the taxi at around 5pm and I kindly tell the taxi where I heading off from changi airport with my family and I have told him the road I want to used going by ECP then out from ford road then to gullimard road heading to my house at blk 56 cassia Crescent. And when we were around at meyer road out of nowhere he point his finger at me and ask me where I heading again and I say again the place but his attitudes and voice raise up and say HDB LA seems like we cannot used ford road going to my house and only staying meyer road or condo’s can used ford road.He didn’t even listen the first place when I speak and secondly wrong attitude asking me .

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