Comfort Taxi SHA5789A – Excellent Service

3 Aug 2013   Darren Tan | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

I would like to send my compliments to Mr Teo Lee Yee for his professional attitude and friendly service. Last night I took a taxi from Changi Intl Airport T1 to my home at Kovan Melody. He was already exhausted working the entire day starting from 7 am on Friday (02 Aug). Nevertheless, he still came out from the taxi with a smile and assisted me in loading my luggage. He mentioned that I was his passenger for the night and when we arrived to my place at Kovan Melody, he came out of the taxi to take out my luggage and even wished me a nice weekend. This is the type of attitude which is very much lacking in many taxi drivers whom I have met. When I returned back home, I realized that I have left my mobile phone in his taxi and after calling him frantically through my phone, he finally picked up. I would like to commend on his honesty and when I collected my phone the next day, he replied that it is his job and responsibility.

I recommend Mr Teo Lee Yee as one the best and friendliest taxi driver with strong sense of professionalism and attitude. He has changed my perspective of certain set of taxi drivers who have been in my bad books for the longest time.

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