CityCab SHA8549A – Tyrant Taxi Driver

19 Aug 2013   Andy Ong | Taxi Company: CityCab

It was 1430 19/8/13, i was trying to flag a cab. The first cab come and was only gg to Bukit Batok so i flag the second cab(SHA8549A), i saw the driving waving his hand and i assumed he is not picking up customer though he have his green sign on. So i flag for the third cab. When im going to board the 3rd cab, the 2nd cab actually horned at me. Then i realised i mistaken his intention of u turning instead of not picking. But since im already in the 3rd cab and the uncle have pressed the meter, i chose to board the 3rd cab. But the 2nd cab continue to chase after us for a street until the cab uncle stop and ask me to clarify with the 2nd driver. So i alighted and tell him the way he wave his hand have make me mistaken his intention. But he is rude and say that i have wasted his time and ask me to find spiders. The way he approach and handle this situation show how hooligan this driver is. Im a big man of course im not afraid to handle such situation nut what if this happened to a pregnant lady or elderly. I hope citycab will take this feedback serious and warning is to be issued.

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