Trans Cab SHD5375U – Incompetence taxi driver

17 Aug 2013   Andy lowhei | Taxi Company: Trans Cab
“To whom ever it may concern, On this date, 13/08/2013 08:40 I had the most disappointing experience with one of your cab driver of which license plate was stated under your requirement. He was the most rude, impolite, incompetent cab driver I’ve ever met. To start things off: It was a rainy Tuesday, I was having difficulty hailing a cab so my friend who is staying within the vicinity of hougang offered to come over to pick me up at bedok reservoir road which is on the way to our final destination which would be at Tampines biz hub. After which comes a phone call from my friend, coming out from the word of the cab driver “” ask your friend to take the cab himself “” in mandarin. WHAT IS THIS ?! I’m paying for your service and not for the attitude in which I was obviously given. Second of all, I would have stated his name if I could but your cab driver however do not have a license available for others to see as per the ruling for all taxi drivers in Singapore. It’s not display on the front screen, the monitor, the compartment area, NOTHING. Let’s just name him as “”unknown”” At the end of the trip, your cab driver UNKNOWN didn’t advised me on the cab charges instead he pointed to the meter and kept silent. It was a total of $22.69. While giving the change he don’t even bother to put the change in my hand and just left it at the middle platform counter of the cab. To end this off, The reason of the complain is not to get any kind of rewards for bad experience or whatever I don’t care. I would like to know how low can your hiring criteria sink, your drivers are obviously unsuited to the service industry, I’ve met irate truck drivers with more amicable attitudes. I hope to get a written explanation regarding this issue. I am not looking to cause an issue out of this, however if needed, I will take this to the few medias in Singapore. Good day. Best regards, Andy lowhei

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