SMRT Taxis SHD6135P – My 1st complaint – Driver is totally rude & arrogant

22 Aug 2013   Kim | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis

“SHD6135P or SHD6153P (Maroon SMRT Cab)
Female Malay driver.
Boarded cab around 9.40pm from taxi stand along Yishun MRT.

She turned on the meter even before I boarded the cab.
I told her Yishun Ave 9, Blk 245.

She purposely slow down to get the traffic light turn red.
She’s supposed to turn left/keep left along Yishun Ave 5 but she went straight so I told her nicely and she managed to change lane and got behind a car.

The car in front of us is blocking us because the traffic light allow left turn but car in front totally not moving so I ask if she can horn/signal the driver?
Alright never mind she didn’t and she said I shouldn’t have ask this question.

Upon reaching along Avenue 9, I asked her to alight me near the bus stop or behind the bus (there’s a feeder bus 811 in front and the bus stop only cater to this one bus service)

This driver, instead of alighting me near the bus stop.. She stopped right in front of the temple. As I was carrying heavy items so I asked her to go in front abit and she challenged me asking if I wanted her to get summon?

I told her no taxi driver has ever alighted me this far and she started to raise her voice saying they want to get fined but not her. If I want her to move in front, I got to pay for the fine.

Since she’s talking to me in an almost shouting voice, I told her fine, I will pay if there’s a fine. Then she shouted, “”You pay now lah, pay now! If not don’t waste my time, I don’t get what’s your point now! I’m telling you the law of the supreme high court ok? Since you dunno I explain to you!!””

Seriously this auntie got attitude problem right from the start.
Towards the end, she’s shouting at me when I told her not to shout. I know she explaining the law to me but don’t think I don’t know after off peak hours, taxi can alight passengers along the bus lane (normal single and not red + yellow line) as long as they are not inside the yellow box/zone. Even if it’s so, she should have put it nicely instead of raising her voice and shouting at passenger.

I really felt humiliated by her.
This is my first time writing in a complaint because even after alighting she continued to scold me.
She is the one with serious attitude problem. I hope SMRT can give me a satisfied reply with this complaint.

I cab like twice a day and this is the first time I got really angry with a driver. I should just boycott SMRT cabs from now onwards.”

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