SMRT Taxis SHC4604X – Taxi driver acting hero!

23 Aug 2013   Suzie Lee| Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis

“Please note that this is not a ride complaint. This happened last Thurs at Binjai Park Caltex. Your driver was with me in the petrol kiosk that evening around 10.20pm. He was there earlier then me BUT was not in the Q as he went to buy 2 cans of coconut drink. He was 3rd in line of the Q. Before the 1st transection is complete, he placed his cans of drink on the table. I was 2nd in line. When it is my turn, the cashier picked up the cans and scanned without asking if the drinks are mine. Then I told the lady that these does not belong to me. Then I turned around and looked at your driver. He then shout across to tell the cashier that it belongs to him. Cashier has an attitude of her own and is now being dealt with from the company. What I cannot stand is, your driver added words to incurred more anger in me. He said that he was there 1st. I told him yes he was..BUT he was NOT in the Q. He gang up with the cashier to say that people like to complaint.. it really added more fire.. He has the guts to ask me to check the CCTV. And ”Thanks” to his advise I did. The Manager of the kiosk has watched the whole scene and has agreed that the driver should not have get himself involved and has added more anger to the customer. You may want to check with the Kiosk manager, her name is Alimah and you can watch the video too;)

My point here is that he should get himself involved and he should not have challenge me and thinking that he is a ‘hero”

Please kindly looked into this. Looking forward to your reply.

Suzie Lee

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