SHD2710E – Driver was rude and nasty

25 Aug 2013   Jude Fernandopulle
We stopped ( family of 4 with 3 baggage s) the taxi around 1pm 25 Aug 2013 along Kitchener road close to city square mall. We wanted to know whether the bags could be loaded in. Driver said he should check. But as it was impossible we said we will hire another taxi. Driver wanted us to pay 3.60$. If not paid, driver said he will call the police. As we were a family we did not want to go in 2 vehicles. Ultimately my wife and daughter got into this taxi. The taxi meter was charged not as the vehicle was stopped , but much later after the baggages were taken out. We have been very frequent visitors to Singapore, but this was the first time we experienced this sort of thing. The driver was Vincent Lim.

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