SHB1676C – Unpleasant encounter with extremely rude taxi driver


30 Nov 2013   Taxi Company: Premier Taxis “I am writing to highlight my unpleasant encounter with an extremely rude taxi driver on Saturday, 30th October 2013 at 10pm. I was greatly perturbed by his behaviour which I feel needs immediate attention. At about 2200 hours, I boarded Premier Taxi 1676C at Outram Park MRT […]


SHB1018M – Worst cab experience ever!


30 Nov 2013   Anqi | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi I was running late so I decided to cab down to my friend’s chalet, which was located at SAF Changi Seaview Resort. I on my GPS and directed the taxi driver but he kept insisting the place was near Whitesands. He warned me that if […]


SHF300H – Utterly Displeased


30 Nov 2013   Charmaine | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis “Mr Mahfud Bin, was not only rude in his tone of sentences but also had his bucket/box of belongings at the leg area of the front passenger seat which made the entire trip uncomfortable. That bucket took up about half the area for leg space […]


SHA279M ★★★★★ Excellent taxi driver!!


30 Nov 2013   Taxi Company: CityCab From Changi Airport to Pasir Ris. Not only did the driver smile all througout the journey, he was helpful with my luggage from airport n my destination. Unlike most drivers, who will tsk n complain about the short journey. Driver Dennis Tan was optismistic. He didn’t make me […]


SHB8700E – Big thanks to taxi driver SHB8700E


29 Nov 2013   choy sh | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi This morning I have left my handphone in the premier taxi SHB8700E and the driver was really helpful and turn back just to return my phone. Appreciate the help, i just want to thanks him for the help and his honesty!


SHB106Z – Sucky taxi service!


29 Nov 2013   Emily Ong | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis I was travelling with 2 toddlers, one is aged 3, another aged 2 from Marina Bay Cruise Centre on 29 Nov boarding around 10.15am. With 2 bags and 2 luggage. Upon arriving at my destination, that “handicapped” driver as what I feel he is, […]


SH9171M – Reckless taxi driver!


27 Nov 2013   Lee | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi I was in the taxi with my children and the driver was driving at around 120km on the expressway. I told him to slow down because I was worried for our safety but he ignored . He was tailgating the cars in front of him […]


SHD6250P – Horrible taxi experience!


27 Nov 2013   Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis Taxi driver was terribly rude and did not even try to be nice. The whole trip was horrible and I have never experience so bad customer service in my life! I will never agin chose to drive with SMRT Taxis ever again because of this experience.


SHA2421E – Misleading taxi driver


26 Nov 2013   Lee | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi My colleagues and I took a cab from Tanjong Pagar Hoe Chiang Road, once we just boarded the cab, within 1 second, the taxi driver said he wanted to go to toilet. So we said no problem, he can go ahead. So while waiting, the […]


SHB1414C – Taxi driver had argued and shout at me


26 Nov 2013 I taken taxi as usual this morning from Joo Koon to Keppel Tuas after waiting at Q He was upset when I told him take inside security gate to office He told inform next time before get in and he has some other appointment. When I tried to convince him he shout […]