Comfort Taxi SH9171M – Reckless taxi driver!

27 Nov 2013   Lee | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi
I was in the taxi with my children and the driver was driving at around 120km on the expressway. I told him to slow down because I was worried for our safety but he ignored . He was tailgating the cars in front of him and had jam the brakes several times and my sons was all in shock. When turning into ang mo kio st 32 there was a hump and he still purposely accelerate . I asked him why didn’t he slow down for the hump , he still said: the hump so small, scared what! He still threaten me in hokkien saying that I was looking for trouble. When we reached my destination, I told my kids to alight first and I went to the passenger seat area to take a picture of the driver’s ID, but it wasn’t him but a slightly older look man’s ID. He still challenge me by asking me to take a picture of him and still said he wants to smile for me. The whole incident was totally unacceptable and was posing a danger to me and my kids life. I am going to make a police report and a report to the traffic police and even go to the media if this matter is not attended to. Please show me proof of the investigation done and the action taken against this driver. The driver was endangering mine and my children life in the taxi. And the public safety. Drivers like that should not even be on the road.

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