Premier Taxis SHB1676C – Unpleasant encounter with extremely rude taxi driver

30 Nov 2013   Taxi Company: Premier Taxis
“I am writing to highlight my unpleasant encounter with an extremely rude taxi driver on Saturday, 30th October 2013 at 10pm. I was greatly perturbed by his behaviour which I feel needs immediate attention. At about 2200 hours, I boarded Premier Taxi 1676C at Outram Park MRT station with three of my friends. As we entered the taxi, the driver (Lee Boon Cheong) was reading newspaper, blatantly failing to acknowledge our presence. When my friend told him our destination, he rudely made her repeat it. As he drove closer to our destination (Tampines Street 21), he took the wrong turn. When my friend reprimanded him about his mistake, he made no apology but instead tried to fix it by saying that he would make an illegal U-turn if possible, an action which I feel would pose as a safety risk to the passengers. A few seconds later, I told him that we were bearing the extra cost for his mistake. He then blatantly yelled at me, telling me that he would stop the meter if that would make me happy. I asked him why he yelled and instead of apologizing, he deliberately accused me for blaming him for the wrong turn, which was an apparent mistake of his. He toned down his voice when I told my friend to take down his name and license plate number but preposterously tried to convince us not to lodge a complain with reasons like not “”bullying”” a fellow Singaporean. I exited the taxi with utter disgruntlement and disappointment at the extremely poor service rendered by the above-mentioned taxi driver. Here is my take on the incident: 1) He should have acknowledged and greeted us politely as we entered the taxi 2) He should have apologized for making the wrong turn and stopped the meter without demand 3) He should not have yelled at me when I reprimanded him for his mistake I hope your company will look into this matter and take the necessary actions on such rash and unacceptable behaviour. This depicts a really bad image on your company, which will only further tarnish it should no action be taken. I look forward to your reply. Thanks

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