Comfort Taxi SHA2421E – Misleading taxi driver

26 Nov 2013   Lee | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

My colleagues and I took a cab from Tanjong Pagar Hoe Chiang Road, once we just boarded the cab, within 1 second, the taxi driver said he wanted to go to toilet. So we said no problem, he can go ahead. So while waiting, the taxi meter fare has started and it was when it jumped to $4 then we realized. When Hamzah bin Wahid, the taxi driver came back, we asked him why did he start the meter even before we traveled. He replied: ‘you all also eat in my cab what?’. What has it got to do with eating in the cab when he allowed us to??

And our destination was at Cineleisure, we told him one of the alleys could not be taken and it is only one way. He insisted in going the alley that he said he wanted to ‘try’ and ended going one big round to our destination which adds up to $4 more in a total trip. What an ashamed that Hamzah bin Wahid did all these just to rip us off.

I sincerely hope this has to be brought up and take actions against this driver as I believe there will be more victims along the way and this will give us a bad impression of Comfort.

I hope to hear from you soon.

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