SMRT Taxis SHF300H – Utterly Displeased

30 Nov 2013   Charmaine | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis
“Mr Mahfud Bin, was not only rude in his tone of sentences but also had his bucket/box of belongings at the leg area of the front passenger seat which made the entire trip uncomfortable. That bucket took up about half the area for leg space and there were four of us in the cab, thus there were no options in changing seats. I even asked politely about the items and told him that it was uncomfortable. The response? ‘Yes it is mine. Do you have any issues with that?’ This is outrageously insensitive, rude and unacceptable. Not only that, he suggested a longer route to our destination which did not make any sense all. He seemed offended that we did not prefer his way which I can understand, but there is no need to be rude. He should be warned that this is no way to treat customers. This is my very first feedback on any taxis I have ever ridden in Singapore as previous experiences (pretty much bad ones as well) were tolerable, but this one isn’t. Even if he was having a bad day, he has no right, not a single bit, to vent it out on any of his customers. If so, then just call it a night, he shouldn’t drive and ruin the moods of others as well. Such attitude should not be paired with service and he should be let known that it is definitely not necessary. This not only looks bad on him, but on SMRT Taxis at the same time. I am utterly displeased and disappointed with SMRT Taxis.

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