SHB8742J – ★ Ban this guy


11 Sep 2017   Taxi Company: Premier Taxis Completely dangerous driver that did not even slow before the stop line. Honked loudly and almost ran me over at the stop line. This driver is a threat to public safety that should be taken off the roads.


SHA7933L – ★★★★ Awesome


11 Sep 2017   Samsul | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi The driver from NTUC Mr Lee was very helpful and understanding in ferrying my mother for her medical appointment at Bukit Merah Polyclinic. He is certainly an asset to the company and community.


SHD6850H – ★★★★★ Excellent service. Professional.


5 Sep 2017   Muhammad Hazri | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi Just ended from my night shift. Couldn’t remember taxi driver name but was professional and humble. Had a nice conversation about working as a taxi driver. Safe driving. Very focus on the road. Overall experience in this ride: Excellent.


SHB8993B – ★ Dishonest driver tried to kidnap us!


02 Sep 2017   TANG CHUN | Taxi Company: Premier Taxis The journey was from the East Coast Lagoon Food Village. When entering the taxi, we explicitly requested the driver to drop us at the nearest MRT station BEDOK. However, the driver made a detour to EUNOS MRT by stating that he did not hear […]


SHB1241J – ★★★★★ Great attitude and professional


28 Aug 2017   Choo Wee Khiang | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis Mr Leong of vehicle number : SHB 1241 J on 20 August at 0040 hrs, my wife and I were at the airport queueing up for a taxi. we brought back 4 pieces of heavy luggage plus two hand-carried backpacks. We are staying […]


SHB8631X – ★ Driver don’t want to pickup


28 Aug 2017   Selva | Taxi Company: Premier Taxis It worse today. I just wait at zoo taxi queue and taxi driver don’t want to pickup as he wants to go city… but, he did not put any sign on taxi.. is that your legal way to behave to passenger?


SHC3190D – ★★★★★ Exceptionally Good!


28 Aug 2017   Mrs Tan | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi I would like to compliment the taxi driver ( Indian ) for his patience, understanding and nice demenour. I wanted to change the rout after ten minutes, and without questions he agreed immediately. When I thanked him, he said ” no problem at all, […]


SHB9900M – ★ Ungracious & vulgarities hurling driver


27 Aug 2017   Taxi Company: Transcab Driver was swearing repeatedly in abusive language when a vehicle pull to a stop suddenly in front of him. Subsequently,he rolled down his window and violently pointed the middle finger at several road users on 2 separate occasions when he claimed to have the right of way. He […]


SHC1888M – ★★ Roller coaster driving


18 Aug 2017   Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi Sudden slow driving and looking around left n right. Sudden turn to switch lane. When ask why he driving like that? He say company don’t want to repair his car.


SHD3952S – ★ Driver showed is anger/rude for accepting credit card payment


17 Aug 2017   Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi I opted to take comfort taxi since i though comfort taxi accepts credit card for payment. Driver shown angry and talked to me rude when I gave credit card while getting down. I was very upset seeing his behavior and request appropriate training to drivers how to […]