Comfort Taxi SHC1888M – ★★ Roller coaster driving


18 Aug 2017   Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi Sudden slow driving and looking around left n right. Sudden turn to switch lane. When ask why he driving like that? He say company don’t want to repair his car.


Comfort Taxi SHD3952S – ★ Driver showed is anger/rude for accepting credit card payment


17 Aug 2017   Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi I opted to take comfort taxi since i though comfort taxi accepts credit card for payment. Driver shown angry and talked to me rude when I gave credit card while getting down. I was very upset seeing his behavior and request appropriate training to drivers how to […]


CityCab SHD8560G – ★ Extra charge of $3 for Location


14 Aug 2017   Frank | Taxi Company: CityCab We got on the taxi at Garden by the Bay. He added $3 for LOCATION charge. I checked on the taxi information Web site and Garden by the Bay does not have locations charge.


Premier Taxis SHB8511J – ★★ Attitude


10 Aug 2017   Taxi Company: Premier Taxis Im a student. And the fare was $6 therefore i decided to use a $2 note and coins for the payment. He seems unsatisfied and show me that face when i gave him the coins. It didnt even took up 1 minute. Isnt it better for me […]


Comfort Taxi SHB6337J – ★★★★★ A Grateful and Thankful trip


9 Aug 2017   Annie | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi date of experience: Sunday, 23 July 2017Journey pickup from Pasir Ris White Sands Taxi StandTaxi: Mercedes Taxi SHB6337J (i hope i didn’t remember wrongly) people often have bad impression of cab drivers, often complaining about their reckless driving behavior and they become the ”notorious” king […]


Prime Taxi SHD2339U – ★ Irresponsible reckless taxi driver


9 Aug 2017   Crystabelle Chia | Taxi Company: Prime Taxi Was on the way out of sentosa and this taxi driver just came out cutting my lane without giving any signal, he was driving a passenager as well which nearly cause an accident. He did not show any remorse and drive to the other […]


SMRT Taxis SHC4733 – ★ Reckless driver


9 Aug 2017   Noraini | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis At this date & time, the driver came into our lane dangerously. My spouse had to brake hard to avoid a collision.He cut across and exited. All of us were shocked when the car jerked ! Please revert. Thank you”


Premier Taxis SHC8228Y – ★★★★★ Kind and Patient Taxi Uncle


3 Aug 2017   Kee Kiang Peng | Taxi Company: Premier Taxis While on the way home from NEX, I saw an old uncle on wheelchair struggling at the taxi waiting area/passenger pick up & drop off point. After some communication with the old uncle whom I got to know is 95 yrs old, I […]


Premier Taxis SHC6413S – ★ Terrible. Unsafe. Scary


3 Aug 2017   Taxi Company: Premier Taxis It was during a peak hour in the evening time, this driver was road raging the whole time. He was speeding and hurling vulgarities and expecting other drivers to give way when there were so many vehicles at that point of time at the expressway. Even when […]


CityCab SHC7854X – ★★★★★ Pleasant Driver


2 Aug 2017   Jose Maria | Taxi Company: CityCab This driver, Husaini is the name if i remember correctly, is a very polite, friendly, courteous and a person of pleasing personality.