Premier Taxis SHC8228Y – ★★★★★ Kind and Patient Taxi Uncle

3 Aug 2017   Kee Kiang Peng | Taxi Company: Premier Taxis

While on the way home from NEX, I saw an old uncle on wheelchair struggling at the taxi waiting area/passenger pick up & drop off point. After some communication with the old uncle whom I got to know is 95 yrs old, I understand he is going home to Serangoon Garden Area. Hence, I push him to the taxi queue and ask to take the next taxi that came along. Taxi SHC8228Y came along and without question asked, help to bring the old uncle to his destination without accept the fare. He even send me back to NEX for me to continue my journey home.

Really felt appreciative to Taxi Uncle for his kindness and patience. He started his shift at 5am and must be tired. Thank you for showing that there is kindness in Singapore. Have a safe drive and be healthy!!”

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