Premier Taxis SHC6413S – ★ Terrible. Unsafe. Scary

3 Aug 2017   Taxi Company: Premier Taxis

It was during a peak hour in the evening time, this driver was road raging the whole time. He was speeding and hurling vulgarities and expecting other drivers to give way when there were so many vehicles at that point of time at the expressway. Even when vehicles were making a turn and probably took his lane a little, he was scolding vulgarities. I understand his anger and afraid of possible dangers we will face. However, his own driving was reckless, swerving away when changing lanes and also misusing the horns to other drivers. This should not be happening in any case as it makes the passengers feel really unsafe and insecure, also being unsafe driver towards others on the road. It was really the most terrible experience I’ve ever had on a cab ride.

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