Comfort Taxi SHB6337J – ★★★★★ A Grateful and Thankful trip

9 Aug 2017   Annie | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

date of experience: Sunday, 23 July 2017
Journey pickup from Pasir Ris White Sands Taxi Stand
Taxi: Mercedes Taxi SHB6337J (i hope i didn’t remember wrongly)

people often have bad impression of cab drivers, often complaining about their reckless driving behavior and they become the ”notorious” king of roads.
But my trip on 23th July with this lovely driver was a thankful and heart-warming one. As most people in the queue avoided Mercedes Taxi, i had the chance to cut the queue. The driver began the journey with a joyful conversation asking how did my day goes. I shared with him that my day went extremely well because i just completed an voluntary beach cleaning at the Pasir Ris Beach. He then share how impressed he was with me volunteering my time for the nation. He shared that he too love to contribute to the nation because of his love for Singapore. We shared about how volunteering can build a more loving society. I was very impressed when he shared that he love sending the needy to their medical appointments without charging them a cent. I alighted shortly and to my surprise, he didn’t take any fare from me as a appreciation of my contribution to the nation.
I really love seeing kind driver like him. Please help to extend my appreciation and thanks to him. And hope he gets acknowledge for his contribution to the society too. Thank you.

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