SHC1290L – ★★★★★ Great Service.


23 Apr 2017   Sharifah Aljunied | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi Mr Ramli was warm & friendly. I was travelling with my dad & had to send him home first. Mr Ramli patiently waited as I escorted my father to his flat, which took awhile as my father has walking difficulty. During the ride my […]


SHA7720J – ★★★★★ Terrific!


20 Apr 2017   Ginger | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi The driver(I apologize cant remember his name) was very patient. I needed to go from Ion Orchard to my home and pick up items before returning to Ion Orchard. He waited without complaint. We had a very pleasant conversation during the journeys. A lovely experience.


SHB8509S – ★ Rude Driver


19 Apr 2017   Chua Wen Ting | Taxi Company: Premier Taxis I tend to often close one eye and not review about rude drivers but this time round this driver really went overboard. I had a super bad experience with this driver. I boarded the taxi at compass one and told him my address. […]


SHC3025Z – ★★★★★ Your service made Singapore proud!


13 Apr 2017   Dennis Choong | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi My daughter left her mobile phone in the taxi on the way to the airport on 1 April 2017. Mr LIM TOW SENG, taxi #SHC3025Z, upon receiving the call from us, honestly delivered the phone back to us by driving all the way from […]


SH9035Z – ★★★★ Entertaining


11 Apr 2017   Dawit | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi On 8th April ’17 my friend & me had the most joyful & entertaining ride with Mr. JK Dan(Comfort taxi). It felt like we were in our friends car. He knows how to put things humorously. It was a 20 minutes ride but it felt […]


SHC5604P – ★ Irresponsible


9 Apr 2017   Taxi Company: Transcab Earlier in the nighttime at 08 Apr, 10:54pm my grand mother, her maid, my sister and my aunt boarded your taxi no. SHC5604P, Mr Lee Choon Lin from Expo Max Atria to 104 Lor 1 Toa Payoh. The Grab Booking ID was ADR-1774320-2-42. My grandmother is hard of […]


SHD6436X – ★ Terrible ride


8 Apr 2017   Ryan | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis Never knew SMRT taxi got this kind of service, talk their way out. If wrong then admit and apologize. Not bullshit all sort of things and push the blame to the customer. If that’s how the Attitude and Service the SMRT taxi driver should have! […]


SHC6413S – ★★ Reckless Driving


7 Apr 2017   Taxi Company: Premier Taxis He changed lanes recklessly and horned multiple times at cars in front of him who were going within the speed limit. Abruptly stopped multiple times.


SH8712J – ★ Not following GPS/journey took 40 minutes instead of 20


6 Apr 2017   Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi Disaster today experience while going to an important meeting with client. Taxi driver didn’t know the way, refused to follow GPS guidance by selecting his own track. It took me 40 minutes without any traffic jam instead of 20 minutes to arrive, I was late.


SHC5669C – ★ Rude Driver