SMRT Taxis SHD6436X – ★ Terrible ride

8 Apr 2017   Ryan | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis
Never knew SMRT taxi got this kind of service, talk their way out. If wrong then admit and apologize. Not bullshit all sort of things and push the blame to the customer. If that’s how the Attitude and Service the SMRT taxi driver should have! When I board the taxi, I already told the driver my destination. Reply by the driver as he knew where it was. As we travel along the journey, I notice the driver’s left hand was on hand brake, half pull upward. When we nearly reach the destination, he then push down the hand brake. Also when the taxi reach AMK at the junction, the taxi drove wrong road out. Didn’t I tell the driver my destination when I aboard the taxi? How can he drove wrong way and blame me for not telling? Last but not least, the whole fare for the journey was much higher than normal and the time it took was longer than normal.

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